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Also, my brain is consistent…scarily so.

I took the practice Praxis I at the beginning of the month, when I was stoned on hydrocodone because of cramps, lounging in bed with a heating pad, listening to music on headphones, and generally just fucking around.  I got a combined percentage of 92% on all testable sections.

“Good enough,” I thought, considering that the minimum for being eligible to get your license is 87%.

I registered for the test that same day (freakin’ expensive, yo), and I took the official version this morning.

My combined score on the two areas in which I found out my grade, today?  92.5%.

This was in an “ideal” testing condition, with a walled-in cubicle, “noise-canceling” headphones (they didn’t work very well, but they kept the little annoying noises people make to a minimum), sitting at a desk, with scratch paper and all the space I needed, in a well-lit environment, blahblahblah.

I find out the Writing score, later (they have to grade my essay, which was an argument as to whether society negatively impacts public schools, or if it’s the other way around…I said they impacted each other, and GET OFF MY LAWN, because I’m professional and SMRT), but I have to assume it’s in the same vein as the Reading and Math scores.

I also took the test in 2 hours.  They have it blocked (electronically) to 4 hours and 30 minutes.

That’s just funny, right there.  My brain, when stoned, is just as efficient at processing information when I’m not under the influence of any substances outside of my normal medication.

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