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Is this defamation of uniform?

Someone out there who’s either currently in the military or has been in the military…

Is this guy a complete retard, or is there some rule out there that says you can have someone sign their name on your uniform if they have big tits?

13 comments to Is this defamation of uniform?

  • Most likely he’d have to replace that patch in order to pass a uniform inspection (if the Air Force does such things), but as a morale thing, I doubt any decent NCO would bust his chops over that.

    I wouldn’t, but then again, I’d be next in line.

  • Well, on one hand, yes.

    On the other hand, it was just the patch, not the uniform, and he probably replaced that patch the second he was back at his locker anyway.

    On the third hand, that’s Scarlett Johansson, so…hubba hubba.

    Yeah, guys are simple. It’s kind of embarrassing, actually.

  • I third the motion. My overalls (which were blue) had patches on them attached with Velcro. I always had “clean spares” in case of VIPs or anything.

    Guaranteed that’s what happened here.

  • Yeah, that looks like a Velcro patch. I always had 4 or 5 spare velcro patches for uniform inspections, or just to replace lost or dirty ones.

    And Ms. Johansson, uhhhh…ermmmm…

    I would gladly take any ass chewing that might incur.

    Yep, put a pretty face with a nice rack in front of us and we act like happy puppies.

    It’s part of our masculine charm ;-)

  • It would be hard to say no. We are so shallow :)

  • fail male

    Actually, yes in the Military Code Book rule 654 section 23 subsection 18a states “Defamation of uniform is only acceptable if said uniform is to defamed by an insanely hot woman, if said IHW has large breasts then this act is not only permissible but is also encouraged. To clear any confusion as to what an IHW looks like and example would be Scarlett Johansson.”

    Direct quote, google it! and God Bless America! !

  • Scarlett Johansson……. I think the rule is if they look like Ms. Johansson and have big tits they can sign whatever they want. Whether or not it’s within military regs is the last thing that guy is thinking about.

  • Squeaky Wheel

    Guys – Thanks for your responses. Duly noted that I can get away with nearly anything in the future if I wear a revealing top.

  • Male humans are like female birds; it’s all about the visual.

  • Oh, to take notice of the details: The lady in question has a perfect unblemished peaches ‘n cream complection, and also has a pierced tragus on the visible ear.

    That translates in the male mind, to a combination of wholesome and unspoiled, and also kinkily sexy. The kind of thing that drives men crazy.

    Use your power with wisdom and prudence, Squeaky.

  • Umm, I did not mean for the last sentence in my previous comment to refer to the sentence just before it, but to Squeaky’s comment at 5:58 pm.

  • Heh. Rustmeister – don’t let that Marine know you called him… Air Force. You might have to make an orthodontics appointment afterwards.

    I’m also of the opinion that at least for the rest of that day, the officers and NCOs would simply stew in their envy. I know that when I was commanding lo those many years ago, I wouldn’t have said a peep – because the morale boost all ’round is worth far more than a mindless devotion to regs. He’d be *buying* his next patch, maybe… vice getting it issued.

    And happy to pay, I’m thinking.

  • I suppose I should add, Scarlett Johansson or no, I don’t care for the “smashed fingernail” look of her nail polish.

    Of course, I’m only seeing that because we’re looking over her shoulder, I suppose.

    8^ )