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MOAR potential chicks with guns!

In my disappointment yesterday at no one following up with me even after I pretty aggressively emailed regarding my to-the-range offer, I decided to try one more time, emphasizing more the FREE-ness of it, rather than the great opportunity it was.

Well, money talks, I guess.

I have two more participants for Wednesday, February 13th.  I like that they’re coming in pairs, because while I’m instructing one, the other can be either shooting or making themselves comfortable with the weapon and the range.  I’ve already sent out a message to all participants with the Four Rules, a link to Cornered Cat, and instructions to contact me if they have ANY questions before go-time.

Again, full range report and pictures afterward.

In other news, I want this.

10 comments to MOAR potential chicks with guns!

  • Tam

    Good work! (And good idea emailing the link to Kathy’s page; she’s the bombdiggityshiznit of Chicks With Guns resources on the ‘net.)

    …and I luuuurves me that little chocolate ammo can! :D

  • The chocolate ammo is very cool.

  • Joe Allen

    If you’re taking first time shooters out, may I suggest meeting up first at someone’s home to go over the 4 rules and the operations of the various boomsticks in a quiet, distraction free environment. It’s saved me a ton of grief.

    Also, I send everyone who is just developing an interest in shooting to, not just the chicks! I’m not ashamed to say I’ve learned a bunch from her site!


  • Squeaky Wheel

    Tam – I’ve found her page invaluable. When people suggest that I read it, I’m like, “Uh, it’s linked in the sidebar. I don’t do that with pages I don’t read. Thanks.” I just hope it’s as valuable to these girls as it was to me. :-)

    Bob – I forget who linked to it first, but I saw it in my blog wanderings this morning.

    Joe – I think I’m going to invite the one girl in particular (vegetarian who admitted to a fear of guns) over to handle my Springfield so that she can get a feel for what she’ll be seeing in spades in two weeks. I’m honestly not worried about the other 3 girls – two have experience, and the third is one of those who, even when she’s nervous, doggedly does whatever it is she’s there to do until she gets over her nervousness.

    I recommend Cornered Cat to EVERYONE who’s interested in guns at all. It’s such a great resource.

  • Ah, yes, Cornered Cat, as Pax, almost, but didn’t quite ban me from The High Road. Tam didn’t go that far, she just deleted my post and sent me a nasty email or PM, I forget which.

  • Squeaky Wheel

    Justthisguy – To be perfectly honest with you, I can see that happening. You have a tendency to be completely off-topic from the post, and to say things that are a little less than tactful. I’m assuming you don’t mean any harm, so I just leave it alone, but I can totally see where your comments could be taken very badly, especially concerning certain subjects.

  • Tam

    Wow, considering that it’s been nearly four years since I did any moderating of any kind at THR, this takes “nursing a grudge” to creepy new intarw3b heights.

    Buddy, I don’t know who you are or what you did, but it’s just the internet, okay? You should probably move on with your life.

  • Tam

    (Oh, and sorry that this popped up in your comment section here. :( )

  • Tam, I do nurse grudges, but this isn’t one. According to the terms of the forum you were right and I was wrong. I just remember details, and still religiously read your blog every day, or oftener.
    I’d love to make comments there, of which you could make what you will, but I can’t because blogger no longer recognizes Wetscrape 4.77.

  • P.s. Pax was in the right, too. I was upset over the recent death of Hal Clement and got rude at a Star Wars fanboy. SF vs. SciFi, ya know?