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Acceptance, and a weird kind of pressure.

So I’ve been unofficially accepted into the MAT program at CBU here in Memphis.

I sent in all of my application materials, had my letters of recommendation, transcripts, and essays submitted last week (I may be missing one for the BASE-TN grant, but I can find someone else to write one for me, if necessary), and just received word via email earlier today that I needed to schedule an appointment for my interview.  So it was to be a week from today at 11:45am.  Fabulous!

A scant few hours later, I was told that my interview was waived, since the department head knows me (I also took a graduate-level course with her my last year of college…it happened to be in special education, and I got an “A”).

I still have to submit a “spontaneous writing sample” via email at my original appointment time, but they canceled my interview to freakin’ graduate school based on what I can only assume is the fact that I went out of my way to ask a zillion questions when I went there in early Spring to ask about the program in the first place.

As pleased as I am (and I AM very pleased – I hate interviews with a passion), I can’t help but me MORE nervous, because there’s this expectation, now.  It’s one that I hope to be able to live up to, and one that I’m very happy they have of me…trust me, I’d prefer to have a lot expected of me than very little…but wow, y’all.  No pressure or anything.

Anyway, classes begin, I believe, on the 20th of August.  I have to have my financial aid sussed out before then, and that’s going to be tricky, especially if I don’t get the grant.

In a month, given that all goes well, I will be attending a brick-and-mortar graduate school on my way to becoming a special education teacher (with secondary mathematics to fall back upon, of course).

Nervous?  Me?  Naaaaah.  :-)

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