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How things have changed in 5 years…

I started this blog over on Blogger/Blogspot because of the Virginia Tech shooting.  At the time, I was poring over articles, skimming some, thoroughly reading others, and I couldn’t get enough information.  It was like this compulsion to have all of the answers possible.

Now, in Aurora, CO, there are 12 families who’ve lost loved ones, something like 52 total casualties/injuries, and as you can see by my choice of words (“something like…”), I haven’t read one article about it.

I’ve gotten my information from Twitter, Facebook, and a couple of blogs that I decided to keep on the radar because I rarely feel compelled to comment on them in the first place (thus not violating my rule about avoiding blogs due to comments…I announced that on FB, but I might as well announce it, here, and more on that in a second, because it’s related to this situation).

I haven’t sought out websites, I haven’t looked up any information about the shooting, the shooter, the victims, etc.  I know it was at a movie theater for the new Batman movie, and that the guy was apparently very methodical.  I also know what he looks like, as his smiling mug shot has been plastered all over the place.

Back then, I was all over it.  PSH about gun laws, insistence on removing the “invisible fence” from around college campuses for those who are legally able to carry elsewhere, etc.  I voraciously read other blogs for opinions from both sides, so I could form arguments and illustrate my points as succinctly as possible.

Now?  I’m just tired, and sad.

I’m friends with a variety of people on Facebook, from all different walks of life.  Some believe in God, some are Buddhist, some are so liberal they bleed blue, and others are so conservative that the mention of homosexuality makes them visibly cringe.

One thing all of my friends who posted today have in common, though, is that they had a choice to simply say, “Wow, that situation sucks, and I’m sorry it happened,” and instead they chose to go batshit insane about who’s fault it was, how there “ought to be a law”  (pssst…there is), and some folks going so far as to say they wanted to carry their guns (regardless of legality and location) everywhere just in case more “freaks” decided to take out their “nerd rage” (someone suggested that the killing was a result of this person hating this particular trilogy) on innocent people.

Links have been popping up everywhere as to whether this was a ruse, a setup, or some other conspiracy.  The shooter has been called many names, and some have blamed bad parenting as a whole, lumping other young adults who’ve had lax parents into the same category as this guy.   Really?  Seriously…really?

From what I can see from the ledes on the linked articles, the media’s not doing much better…not that I expected them to, but it’s gotten worse in the interim since VA Tech.

I’m not here to push an agenda or put my political opinion in relation to this situation out there for anyone.  If you don’t know where I stand on gun rights, you haven’t been paying attention, and this isn’t the place for me to go into it.

I’m here to simply say SHUT THE HELL UP to the pundits who keep spinning this story into something that supports whatever brand of crazy they’re selling.

People are dead.  A guy seems to have gone a little nutty and decided a movie theater was a good place to relieve some tension.  Holy shit, that just sucks so hard.  I can’t imagine sitting in a dark theater, a place where every aspect is designed to make you comfortable and possibly drowsy (so that you can lose yourself in what you’re seeing), and suddenly having someone decide that you look like a good bullet depository.

How about we let the dead rest in peace for a while, instead of trying to use their blood as ink on a new set of laws, eh?

That is all.

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