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I’ll just buy new ones.

15 years ago, my grandmother introduced me to the wonderful world of sewing.

10 years ago, she let me use her ancient hide-a-way Singer to make several patchwork pillows.  I happily sewed for two weeks while staying with her at her tiny house in Missouri.

3 years ago, I repaired my first pair of jeans.

I’m shaped like a woman (because, well, I AM a woman), and so my thighs rub together, effectively destroying my jeans when they’re less than a year old in most cases.  The rips are usually along a sort of crease, and can be contained and even repaired by placing a patch on the inside of the leg and running a series of zig-zag stitches over the surface of the patch where the holes are.  You trim off the excess patch material, and voila – good as new.

The first time I fixed my jeans, it must have been dumb luck.  Those jeans, as a matter of fact, JUST got thrown out because the material finally wore out in the rest of the fabric, and there was no way I was going to sew patches on all of those holes – I mean, I might as well just sew an entirely new pair of pants, and sorry, I don’t have time for that.

I just bought a sewing machine a few weeks ago, and I got it set up, but didn’t have any thread.  I bought some tonight, and went about the task of setting up the machine.

I knew how to thread the bobbins, and after some hilarity (or hysteria…potato, potahto…), I finally got the lower bobbin to go back into place.  I’m not entirely sure it’s in the right place now, given some of the troubles I’ve had, but it’s too late for me to care.

I turned the jeans in question inside-out, maneuvered them onto the “sewing platform”, placed the patch where it was supposed to go (should have used pins…oh, well, don’t have any), lowered the foot, and depressed the pedal.



I had to forcibly remove the material from the sewing platform.  What in the HELL was that?

What appeared to be a dark blue furry monster was growing on the underside of my sewing area.  Good lord.  I don’t know what happened, but I ripped it all out, re-set the thread, and tried again.

The sewing machine purred and began to dispense a neat little zig-zag of stitches up the patch.



I don’t know what caused THIS problem, but my sewing machine has decided that, like a toilet below the Equator, it simply wants to go the OTHER way, and there’s nothing I can do about it.  I’ve tried about 4 or 5 different times to get it to “do right” without having to hold down the “reversal lever”.

Yes, I’ve read the manual.

I give up.

I’ll buy new jeans this weekend.

The pillows can’t be this complicated, can they?  Because I have a ton of extra material that I wanted to use.

2 comments to I’ll just buy new ones.

  • The wife said you got a bobbin problem- backward, or not wound tight enough.
    That would cause the “furry blue monster”.
    Good luck…

  • Squeaky Wheel

    I checked that several times…I’m hopeful that whatever it is JUST GOES AWAY…heh. I realized that the “backwards” movement was normal for the stitch setting after sleeping on it, so it’s entirely possible that I just don’t need to sew after 8pm.