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Okay, I recorded a vlog.

It’s just an intro, I’d tried 10 times at that point to say something profound or interesting, and finally said, “screw it” and recorded what you see below:

It’s not awesome.  I know that.  I just wanted a video intro, so that you guys have an idea of what I’m working with in terms of audio and video quality.  I have a digital video camera that can record up to an hour of footage in high quality, so I will probably try to do some editing to intersperse that within the webcam stuff, like when I talk about my job (which I’ve gotten permission to do…yay for having an awesome boss/friend!), which I was planning to do tonight, but I look a hot mess, so makeup would be necessary, and I have to decide if I’m not too tired for that mess…heh.

HILARIOUSLY, the first (and only, so far) comment I’ve gotten on this video was from some weird lady in England who calls herself 0fficialjanesheehan (she has one video, and it’s really funny, but I couldn’t get through it, because I hate feet), and after I politely refused her “services,” she deleted this comment AND rated down my video.  Aw, puddin’:

This is unaltered, from my inbox.  CREEEEEEEPY.


My response, verbatim, which resulted in the swift rebuttal:

Um. I’ll show people my socks (they’re quite fun), but I’m going to pass on your offer. Thanks, though!


So I already have trolls, which I will go ahead and call a success.  My video only has 25 views, though (“only”…that’s more views that I got on a lot of my videos within the first two days…), so if you want to watch, I actually say my opinion on the Chik-fil-A situation, and then the important part:  I ask for your input.

I want to hear what you, the audience, want to see from me.

I incorrectly stated in the video that only two people had commented, and both were music-related, but someone said I could use it as a supplement to my Examiner articles, and that’d work, I suppose.  It would be easier to just film the pet care I have to do than take photos for 20 minutes and then weed through them for a good slideshow.  I haven’t done an Examiner article in some time, and I need to get on the ball, there, before they fire me unceremoniously and all of my articles are just deleted.

Anyway, watch, and give me some topics, so that the subsequent videos aren’t as blah-tastic.

Ask questions.  Get me into a debate to hear my opinion.  Request a cat video.  I don’t care.  I’d just like to get something going, because I will be doing so much typing for school that I guarantee this will end up being a better opinion-delivery-system than this blog, at least for a while.

Okay, I might do a quick vlog here in a minute, I just have to splice in the clips I took from my purse camera earlier today, and put on makeup.  O GOD, MAKEUP.  But you’ll see a pretty big difference in how I look in the subsequent video, and I’ll post it here (I’ll try to remember to post them all here, so keep an eye out…they’re also going to be automatically uploaded to my Twitter account, so if you want to follow me, there, you’ll get updates, as well, when my videos come out…and I’m going to try to do the cross-posting links from my blog, as well.  We’ll see how that goes.

I have some basic rules for submission of suggestions:

  1. I won’t speak about personal issues that aren’t related to either Lyme or things happening to ME.  My family and friends, unless they give express permission, will not be discussed in any more than an incidental fashion.
  2. If you bait me with a political hot topic, be prepared to hear a rant.  I will try to temper myself,but sometimes I will let some F-bombs fly, so be forewarned.
  3. I will remain fully clothed for everything.  :-P  I don’t know why I feel the need to point that out.  I just do.
  4. Keep in mind that I have Lyme, and sometimes I just won’t be able to comply with anything complicated.  I will personally respond to your queries and let you know if I’m unable to acquiesce.

That’s pretty much it, for now.

So…make a suggestion.  I’m waaaaaaaaiting.

(And putting on makeup.  O god, my life, it’s 9:40pm.)

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