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Bonnie’s (failed) Drunken Makeup Tutorial!

The video pretty much explains itself, but it didn’t go as planned.  I think I did a pretty good job editing it, given that I had two hours of footage to cut down and put together.

Also, keep a look out for the end.  It’s like a jump scare in a horror game.  :-P

I’m now taking requests for drunken YouTube karaoke.

4 comments to Bonnie’s (failed) Drunken Makeup Tutorial!

  • I love the self-deprecating humor. Fun stuff. Drunken Jennifer can be entertaining, but I haven’t ever come up with blog worthy content from it. Well, unless you cont that one time… nah.

    • My favorite was, *pause* “Okay, I totally almost threw up.” I didn’t realize I’d done that until I watched the footage, and I about died laughing. It still makes me giggle.
      You have to know when to make fun of yourself, and when to let the world stay out of your little realm. Clearly, Drunk Bonnie is only fun when other people are around. I should get drunk and then do someone else’s makeup.
      See, now you have to tell me what doesn’t count. DO IT.

  • count, dammit. At least it was the o that stayed.