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So, according to Arizona…

every woman who crosses the state line could be pregnant at any time, without knowing it.  Seriously…think about it.  If she has sex, no matter where she is in her cycle, she’s just risked having a 2-week-old fetus (by the definition of this law) MAGICALLY IMPLANTED into her uterus.

Dear World,

What is it with some of these religious Conservatives thinking that a woman’s uterus is both magic and repulsive?

Seriously, you guys.  Read a book.  (Link to a NSFW video that I think we’ve all seen, before.)

Also, here’s my impression of politicians, pundits, and rabid FB and Twitter posters as of late:



You’re drinking from the hose, but you’re not really paying attention to how much your ingesting, or how much of a mess you’re making, and so you’re spilling it all over the place.  Clean it up.  Stop being a dumbass.  Do your research.  Defend your candidate intelligently.  Stop yelling, for dog’s sake.  If you believe in something, that’s amazing, and I’m proud of you…you don’t have to prove yourself by being a jerk.



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