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They finally printed a shirt with my occupation on it.

I’m very excited about this shirt. My right boob is trying to escape its confines.

I got this sucker from Bass Pro on the clearance rack with a gift card left over from Christmas.  Fuck, yeah!

These G’s are covered.  I’m going to redneck up the shirt a little more (I actually tied it in the back, because it’s a men’s XL, so it’s really loose) by cutting the hem off of the bottom, the sleeves, and possibly around the neck (not sure about that one, yet – the collar is pretty wide, already), and then washing it to shrink it in super-hot water with a piping-hot dryer cycle.  It’s that type of really soft cotton that doesn’t do well in the heat.  Perfect for modifications.

They had a size L, but, hilariously, that would have been too small for my boobs to fit, while being loose elsewhere, so shrinking it wouldn’t have been possible.

Because I know everyone just wants to see the boobs, anyway…here you go, Internet. Don’t say I never gave you anything.

Shopping success.

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