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Painting programs…

…they’re just not the same.

Part of the problem is my Wacom tablet.  I mean, I love it for touching up photos, but it’s not very awesome for actually drawing, for me, because I’m not a great sketcher to start.  I mean, I can sketch reasonably well when given time – I have plenty of work to show that.  But on a computer pad that’s not very big and weirdly-sensitive to the distance of the stylus to the point where I can barely lift it up, and therefore end up marking up places on the page I didn’t want to, inevitably ending up with me accidentally erasing half of what I just did in an effort to correct it?

I’ll stick with pencil, thanks.

As far as this program goes, I think I’ll let the demo expire…and since they were SO KIND to put the name of the program on the damned “painting” (TWICE), I’m not linking to their website.  I fucking hate it when programs do that.

This is called “15 minutes of dicking around with the settings.” I think I shall start a gallery with it. :-P

I’m going back to my brushes and tubes.  At least an ACTUAL pallette knife can tell when I only want to scrape the top layer of paint.


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