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I can’t think of a title. So call this “more Paxil bullshit.”

I seriously have nothing to say except another WTF about the onset of Paxil and how much it utterly sucks right now, but how I’m kind of stuck with it due to half-life issues (it takes forever to take hold in your system and start working, and it takes forever to wean off of, because it has an insanely long half-life).  At least now I have two weeks before it’s decided whether it’s going to work or not…if I don’t notice an appreciable difference (toward the positive end), I can start weaning off of it.

What’s frustrating is that I wasn’t having problems breathing due to panic before I started taking it, and I’ve not been sleeping the past few nights because I keep waking up feeling like I’m got bands around my ribs, and it lasts all day.  My blood pressure is fine, my pulse is a little elevated, but not horribly…but there’s chest pain and problems breathing.  Classic panic attack, but no discernible cause aside from the medication.

I was wrong about the bloat/weight issue that I posted about in comments to my last Paxil whine…I mentioned that I’d started my period, so to account for bloat, I’d actually lost closer to 9 or 10 pounds.  Well, I didn’t bloat until a day later, when I gained two pounds.  I’m still bloated, and I weighed in at 3 pounds less, today, so I’m down to 218, which means I’ve OFFICIALLY lost 10 pounds since starting Paxil, as of today.  It’s all from nausea, yo.


I keep reading that the panic gets worse before it gets better with Paxil.  I really hope it resolves.  I’m tired of this being the only thing I can think about it because it’s the only thing happening.  I mean, I have other stuff going on, but it’s either not getting done, or not being done properly because I keep freaking out or getting nauseated or going into fog-mode in my brain due to low blood sugar.

I keep wanting to make a vlog about it, but I come across really, really crazy right now…you know as opposed to any other vlog I’ve done…hah.  (I’m mostly referring to the drunk makeup tutorial…which has the most views of any vlog I’ve done, for some reason…)

Yeah…that’s pretty much all I have to say about it.  Sorry…I’ll hopefully have something happier soon.  Or at least something more interesting.  I’m boring myself.

1 comment to I can’t think of a title. So call this “more Paxil bullshit.”

  • Your Worst Daymare

    side-effects. ugh. trazodone made me sick as long as i took it, which was over 10 years.
    but it did help, and was as good as it was going to get back in the 90’s.
    on the other hand, now stupid-head has me on some ccb and not only has it made my hot flashes almost too fierce to deal with, but something has caused my sore spots to morph into great big stabby patches of pain.
    i don’t think it’s worth it just to try and bring my bp down 10 pts, especially since it’s not all that high to begin with.