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Big news!

As of this month, Forrest and I are in a domestic partnership.

“Wha…?” = The sound I know a few of you just made.

1.  I don’t want to get married again, any time soon.  Forrest is okay with this.

2.  I also don’t plan on my relationship with Forrest ending any time soon.  Again, Forrest concurs.

3.  It was recently discovered that not only does his workplace recognize domestic partnerships, but that we’ve met the requirements for over a year.

Why is the domestic partnership relevant to his workplace?  Because I can be registered on his health insurance.

I got my first letter, today, regarding insurance (it’s the standard, “in case something goes wrong, here’s how COBRA works” introduction), and they’ve just begun deducting my healthcare costs from Forrest’s pay.  Considering it’s basically a family plan, it is really inexpensive for two people to have the great coverage we’re getting.

So that’s my big news:  I’m in a domestic partnership, and I should have active insurance much sooner than I anticipated (I was expecting Jan 1, 2013, but apparently they were just like, “meh” and started early).


Here’s where I go, “O GOD O GOD O GOD” all over the place:

I have to have a LOT of major procedures done over the next few years.  Multiple surgeries (hysterectomy, tonsillectomy, rotator cuff repair, lots of dental work, and gallbladder removal…these are the ones agreed-upon by my doctors), extreme medication therapy (digestive candida, oral abx for Lyme, PICC abx for Lyme), , and then the usual stuff.

One round of Lyme treatment is approximately $16,000.  If my insurance doesn’t cover it, I’m so screwed.  I’m already playing “pull a bill out of a hat” every month, and adding more medical bills is just…yeah, I can’t do it.  And the best insurance carriers usually don’t count Lyme treatment of the extremity that I have to have as necessary, since the IDSA considers 14 days of oral abx to be enough.

My major problem, the one that’s causing all of my other issues, is Lyme.  If I can get that treated, the rest of my issues will be easier to resolve through more normal means (like…exercising regularly…seriously).

If I can’t get treated for Lyme, I’m just using up deductible money in the same way I’m using up my money right now…on stall treatments.

Please throw some happy thoughts my way…I don’t like asking for charity, but I don’t enjoy not being able to care for myself.  If this insurance option comes through, I will have so many more opportunities, and that will not only help my physical health, it’ll help my feelings of self-worth, as well.

Oh, and also?  I’ll be able to actually DO the job for which I’m going to graduate school.  IT WILL BE WORTH IT.

So…yeah.  That’s what I’ve got, right now.  Yay.

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