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My cats and their toes.

Sophie, as you may recall, is staying in the other bedroom with Forrest right now, since she likes to climb all over my head while I’m sleeping, and I have enough trouble with sleep as it is.  She’s been thriving in the other room, as it’s smaller, has more places to hide, and her food is out in the open, so that she can see all around her while she’s eating.  She’s gained a bit of weight, and looks healthy.

Apparently she’s been feeling cheeky for the past week or so, and has been putting her paws under the door to taunt Merlin, who happily obliges by shoving his giant paws under the door, in turn, and batting around frantically.

Well, it seems he “caught” something – the middle toe of Sophie’s right forefoot.

Sophie was extra cranky tonight when I went in to say hi, and I noticed she kept licking her paw.  Then I noticed that she tried to bite at me and Forrest when either one of us had our hand close to that paw.  So I dragged her onto the bed with me and Forrest, scruffed her so that I could get a good look without her biting me, and lifted it up to look, gently pulling her toes apart to see what was up (I noticed that the toe looked kind of split on top…I thought that’s where it ended), and…well…her toe is almost split in half.  It’s not bleeding (not like Dammit’s horribly-mangled toe from his improperly-retracted claw), but it’s angry and is obviously bothering her quite a bit.

She in my room right now while Forrest vacuums stray bits so that she won’t accidentally step on something between now and when her foot heals, and we’ve put shredded newspaper in her litter box, because I noticed that she kept looking at it, but wouldn’t get into it, and was drinking a lot of water…she HAD to pee, but the litter hurt, so…newspaper.  I hope she uses it.  Right now, she’s darting around my room looking for a place to hide.

Tomorrow (er, later today?), I’m taking her to the vet…hopefully one of the regular ones can take her, because the E-vet is ridiculously expensive…and we’re going to have to make use of our Care Credit card, again.  :-/  We haven’t had to use it in over a year, since Johnny Walker’s unfortunate demise, but damn it, her toe is split.  She’s going to need stitches, and for that, she’s going to have to be sedated.  She might have to be sedated just to be examined, and while I can hold her, she’s not going to be as calm for the vet in a place that makes her uncomfortable as she was for me, tonight…she can barely stand to be out of her carrier at the vet, let alone have them touching her.

I’m going to also make it a point to clip the cats’ claws tomorrow, when I get back home, and we’re going to have to figure out a way to block the bottom of the door from their paw play.  It wouldn’t be so bad if Merlin’s claws weren’t so freakin’ huge.  I’m not mad at him…he’s doing what cats do…but I’m really upset that this happened.

Poor Sophie.  Keep her nervous little self in your thoughts, please?  She’s going to be absolutely miserable for the next week or so.

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