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Update, shotgun-style!

  • Sophie is doing much better.  She’s actually gained 1.5 pounds, and is now a normal, healthy 8 pounds.  Her foot is healing nicely.
  • I have mono, for the third time in my life.  The doc didn’t even draw blood, they were just like, “Um, yeah…that’s Epstein-Barr…”  So I’m a freak of nature!  WHEE!!
  • I’m fucking exhausted.  With all the stress I’ve been under, I’m not surprised about the mono, but man, it sucks.  The timing couldn’t be worse.
  • I have, however, gotten an extension from my teacher for the class I’m still taking (I had to withdraw from the other, because the professor is a dick due to his having tenure and not giving a crap about anything else – that’s a problem at CBU, I’ve noticed).  This is wonderful, because my submission site for assignments has a huge issue with my network, I think.  I can’t figure out what’s wrong.
  • The family drama won’t stop.  I’m about to just pick up and move to another state and not leave a forwarding address.
  • I’m set to do student teaching in Spring 2014.  *cue premature panic attack*  AGH!
  • I’m doing observation right now for 8th grade Honors Spanish, and it’s a trip.
  • Did I mention I’m exhausted?  And that my spleen ACTUALLY hurts?  I haven’t felt that, before.  It’s so weird, like my gallbladder decided to hang out on my left side for a while.  It’s intermittent, and I’m not doing anything strenuous, so no worries, but it’s so freakin’ weird, yo.
  • My tutoring student is about to owe me two weeks’ worth of lessons, in addition to the lesson he missed last week, because according to our contract, he has to give two weeks’ notice before quitting, and he appears to have quit.  Too bad I know where he works and what his schedule is.  If I don’t hear from him in the next few days, I’m going to commence Operation:  Get Paid.
  • Speaking of tutoring, I’m trying to find some more students.  If you know of anyone, let me know.  I can handle a couple more per week a this point.  Just no young children for the next month or so (not spreading mono, thanks).
  • Things are still crazy.  I’m dealing as I can.
  • And now I have the hiccoughs.  Going to deal with those and go to bed.


Goodnight, Internet.



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