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Morbid curiosity + twisted sense of humor = therapy.

I have two external hard drives.  On one, there is basically a history of my time since I began using the internet, continuing until I got divorced.  On the other is my history since then.  The first one is substantially more full, but only because there’s much more music on it, and so much less storage space.

Also on the first one?  Photos.  Lots of photos.  Photos of my younger, thinner, happier, healthier self (photos that make me tear up from this overwhelming ache of want – I want that self, again, damn it, if only because of the last two adjectives), and photos of the days leading up to the beginning of what is hands-down one of the worst/weirdest times of my life.

Those photos are also known as my “wedding portraits.”

I clicked on the folder out of the aforementioned morbid curiosity, looked through the pictures, and found one in particular that, in the middle of a cringe-worthy regret-a-thon, made me laugh out loud at the utter ridiculousness of it, as well as the almost prophetic juxtaposition.

Naturally, I had to macro it.

So here it is…my gift to myself, and to you, my readers:

I don’t owe them the privacy ovals, but I’m feeling charitable.

That was a joke face to get Oleg to laugh…my Wasband and in-laws were smiling their best professional-caliber smiles.

My nephew sums the whole thing up quite nicely:

That’s right, kid. That’s absolutely the correct face to make, in hindsight.

Bottom line:  You never know when those photos you swore you’d never look at again will be just the thing you need to make you laugh on a day when you otherwise feel like crap.

Also?  THIS:

…can kick other things, as well. Inquire within.

I’m still around, still kicking, still moving forward.

Merry Christmas (if Cthulhu lets us celebrate, that is)!

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