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A serious post – good news, goals, etc.

I do these every so often, and it doesn’t have to be a special occasion, but this time it just so happens that this is falling on the first day of 2013.


First, let’s have some good news, shall we?  I have a bathroom scale from waaaay back when, which measures weight to 1/10 of a pound, along with body fat.  It has two memory banks, so Forrest has a profile on it, as well (it has age, gender, and weight, basically).

I didn’t check the memory on it…I think that goes away once the batteries die, and I hadn’t used this scale in years…but I set it up, again, and stood on it to test it.

I should note that I went to the doctor a week ago (last Wednesday, to be precise) and was weighed at 213.2 by their scales.  This is a loss of 12 pounds on their scales since October-ish.  I don’t know the exact date, there, but I probably would if I took the time to look it up.

Anyway, so I weighed myself on my handy-dandy fancy-pants scale, and I was at 207.8.  This…is a bit of a drop in a week, but I’ll take it, since a lot of it is probably water weight.

I do believe my highest weight, in October of 2010 (right around when Wasband left) was 260, give or take a couple of pounds.   This makes an official 50-lb weight loss since then, and approximately 20 pounds since September of this year.  Since the Paxil/mono combo is what took care of that mess, I’m not terribly happy with how that loss happened, but now I can focus on keeping it off.

There’s the good news.

Some bad news is that I appear to have developed some issues that need to be dealt with ASAP, and this involves surgery.  Weigh loss can relieve the symptoms, but only by so much.  I’m checking out possible consultations at the moment, and will update everyone on the what/how when I actually know, for sure (because honestly, I’d like a doc’s confirmation before I get all freaked out).  I have to have surgery in the same general area, anyway, so perhaps two birds can be slain with one stone.  We’ll see.

I bought a Kinect in early September (I think that’s when it was), and played Dance Central ONE TIME before getting so sick I couldn’t entertain the thought.  On Sunday night, I was playing Portal 2 with a friend online, and Forrest came into the bedroom laughing, and said that I HAD to try the Kinect Sports boxing.  He was all giddy about it, so I put on my workout clothes (yes, I put on special clothing for the Kinect – it helps, trust me), and went to try it out.  In a word?  Awesome.  I’m good at most of the activities on there, to some extent, but my stamina is crap.  I’m also sore as fuck, today.

I have noticed quite a difference in my performance on Dance Central, as well…the last time I played, I was 20 pounds heavier, and there were moves I just couldn’t do because I couldn’t move quickly enough or I couldn’t squat or whatever.  All of that weight was on top, basically, and my legs were like, “nope.”  When I played the other night, they were easier, and I was able to finish more songs…and this was after an hour of Kinect Sports, no less.  My stamina is crap, but it’s a damned sight better than it was just 4 months ago, despite my being basically bedridden for a couple of months.

This looks like a resolution entry, but it’s not, really – it’s just the timing.  I’m choosing to talk about it, now, because I can.  Nothing more to it.

So what are my goals?  Well, for starters, to maintain the weight I have, at the very least.  I don’t want to gain, again.  I’ve had quite enough of being over 200 lbs, and now that I’m only 8 pounds away from being below it, you bet your ass I’m going to make sure that I see the 190s, soon.  That’s my short-term goal.  My mid-term goal is to get below 190.  My final goal, for now, is to be 180.  I don’t have a time table.  I’m going to let my body do what it does, and try not to overdo it, while still pushing myself to be better.

This is totally a vanity thing, at this point.  Yes, I know I’ll be healthier…but I’ve found that my health is a shitty motivator for diet and exercise.  I’m not built that way…even though I say it all the time (“I want to be healthy…I don’t care if I’m skinny”), and I MEAN what I say, the health part isn’t what I’m concerned with.  I want to look good in my nice clothing.  I want to be able to try on jeans without having a crying jag in the car on the way home (empty-handed).  I want to be able to throw on whatever is lying around and know that it looks fine on me.  I want to wear pretty bras, again (at my size, it’s pretty much “industrial” – but when my ribcage is smaller, they start being kinder with regard to the styling of the cups, even if they’re a G…so at a 34G, I have a better chance of finding a pretty bra at, say, Frederick’s of Hollywood than I do of finding one at Dillard’s, and they’ll cost less and have just as much support).  Also, at a smaller size, I can “cheat” a lot of clothing, even with the big boobs.  Button-down shirts are worn with a tank underneath, and just the button below the breasts is buttoned, to make it look like I just don’t want my shirt to get in the way of my arms.  Lower-rise jeans show off my curves while being much more comfortable than the higher-waisted ones I have been wearing (and hitching up all the time, because good lord, I have shrunk a bit), and look much better with the men’s tees that I favor.

I won’t wear a bikini, and I have no delusions that I will ever look good in one, but buying a swimsuit without cringing is another goal.  I want to swim again.  I adore it.  It will be done.

I’m going to set up a spreadsheet for measurements, again (like I did in 2007-2008), and see progress that way, because I know my weight’s going to fluctuate.  I may also try for photo comparisons, but I don’t know if I’ll post those…maybe a “before/after” set at the end.

Anyway, I’ve done this before, I was good at it when I had a devoted workout, and I have some tools and means to be more active, so I’m going to use them.  I hope Forrest will do this with me, because he needs to lose weight, as well, for health reasons (sleep apnea, among other things…diabetes and heart issues also run close in his family), and he seems to enjoy the Kinect, so I don’t foresee many issues, there.  He loves to ride his bike, and I hope he’ll pick that up, as well.

Another COMPLETELY UNRELATED goal is to take more photos, again.  I was rampant with photo-taking several years ago, and I want to get back into that.  It will give me an excuse to get out of the house, and to re-learn some of my old tricks.  Here’s a photo I took this morning, of Merlin:

He wasn't quite sure what I was doing.

He wasn’t quite sure what I was doing, but he’s cute.

Pet photography is kind of my forte, and there are three very nice subjects to work with, here, so I can practice on them, and do some object photography, as well.  On that note, I renewed my Flickr account so that I can continue to ply people with photos, there.  I’m not going to do Project 365, but if I can take photos at least twice per week, I’ll call it “good.”

I start classes again, next week.  I need to get back into the groove, there.  I’m going to try my best to improve my performance, since last semester just sucked (I have a 3.75 GPA, but I had to take an incomplete because of illness, so I have to make-up that work this semester, as well, and it’s a LOT of work), and I don’t want to lose any financial aid opportunities.

I’m recording some tracks later, today (I have to get some sleep soon…come on, sleep!), and that was another thing I wanted to do, so I can add it to the list and cross it off…haha.

Anyway, here ends the epic post.  I’m going to get a few hours of sleep before I head out to record.

Happy New Year!  May 2013 not be as big of a shitcan as 2012.

6 comments to A serious post – good news, goals, etc.

  • Your Worst Daymare

    he has a freckle on his nose.

  • MAgbee

    Congrats! If you need any help with any weight loss stuff let me know. I’ve dropped about 65 since last year. Your 1st swimming will be at my place! I promise you that- Magbee’s Tuesday night pool party!
    No weirdness intended but I have always thought of you as very attractive and having your confidence back will surly increase that.So good luck with the surgery. I am sure Forrest will agree with me that were looking forward to seeing your curves lol. I promise I’m not creepy,But we all want you safe and healthy. That being said… I am jazzed about your rekindled love in photo’s. It will be nice to have another critique-er to go to who can call my pictures shit.

    Keep it up! Time to get on those bikes!

    • I know! You look great! I just need to move more, at this point, and I have the tools, I just need to DO it. Nutrition isn’t an issue, thankfully…I’ve been down that road many times. And I plan to utilize your pool in the future, should I reach my goal in time. :-)

      I’m still a photo critic…I just have to re-learn a few of the tricks I knew when I was prolific at actually taking photos…heh.

  • MAgbee

    restarted the memphis photo challenge and created a community on g+. make sure you join