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So I did something kind of cool.

I did 40 minutes of yoga (beginner’s stuff…I’m flexible, but still not very strong, and my balance is off), then something like 30 minutes of Kinect bowling, boxing, and dancing on Thursday.

I got a TKO with 46 seconds left in the first round of my last “fight” in the boxing game.  I’m pretty damned proud of that.  It requires quickness and coordination while also dealing with a finicky computer sensor.

I couldn’t finish a whole song after all of that with the dancing, but I got through two of them with a few breaks, on the “workout” mode of DC2.

I’m still under 210lbs.

I’m going to try not to let recent events discourage me.  I kept saying “I can do this.  I’ve got this.  I can do this,” while doing the more difficult yoga stretches (which kind of screwed with my breathing, but it’s not like I was breathing mindfully to begin with, considering the contortions of my ribcage and the fact that my boobs were in my way half the time), and I finished the two sessions.  I can’t do downward-facing dog, but my warrior 1 pose is great.  My warrior 2 pose to triangle is flawless.  My back flexibility is amazing…the strength will come with time and practice.  I could feel my muscles flowing into the poses, and it felt great.

I can do this, and I’m not going to let this crap get in my way.  I’m losing the weight, now I need to get my ass in gear to make sure it stays that way.

Also, if my boobs weren’t in the way, I could sit cross-legged and rest my forehead on the floor.  That’s more than I expected after not having done anything like that in nearly 10 years.

Here’s looking at 20% body fat in the next two years, yeah?

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