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There are like, 4 types of “holy shit” going on right now.

First, it appears I’m still insured, as long as things are approved in the next few days (sending via email…should be easy).  That’s AWESOME, because second, OW OW OW.  Need this damned organ removed PRONTO.

Third, another awesome thing:  a good friend suggested that I make a demo tape for radio hosting for an important organization, with the possibility for syndication.  That is, if I manage to be eloquent, non-cussy, and keep up with current events.  Herp.  I’m working on that, now.

Fourth, I pissed off one of my musical idols, today.  On his birthday, while he was likely perusing Facebook to feel good.  Not that I meant to, he took something I said wrong, but still.  Really?!?

Note that I’m not talking about Biden or the NRA right now.  I’ll have a whooooole post about that after I digest this mess a bit more.

Ugh.  Going to bed, soon.

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