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This is how I spent my anniversary.

January 28 is my anniversary with Forrest.  This year, we celebrated two years together, which is, ironically, the point where Wasband and I were separated.  So clearly this is a better situation.

Anyway, on the 27th, I ate a chef salad from McAlister’s off of Mendenhall…it was around 9pm.  By midnight, I was puking my guts out and having, uh, bowel issues.

This continued for 14 hours, at which point I called my doctor in a panic.  They recommended I go to the ER and get an IV.

So here I am, getting fluids and waiting for them to take my urine sample (to prove I wasn’t pregnant) so that they could give me painkillers for the electrolyte imbalance, which was causing ketosis (paaaaaaaain, y’all):

I look happy, but it's only because I'm hoping to feel better, soon.

I look happy, but it’s only because I’m hoping to feel better, soon.

So Happy 2nd Anniversary to Forrest, and I thank him very much for being by my side throughout all of the ridiculous crap that happens in our lives.  <3

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