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Don’t let your mouth write checks your ass can’t cash.

This goes for SO MANY PEOPLE today.

Early this morning, I was called a liar and belittled over a stupid gaming thing.  I had said I was going to do a game stream, and then the person who’d asked me to invited me to play Minecraft on another streamer’s server (someone gave me their old account, so I thought I’d play around, because people had been asking me for a while, and I thought it might be fun).  My computer sucks, so I either stream myself or play games with others – not both.  KNOWING THIS, the person in question started whining and saying I’d deceived him into thinking I was going to definitely do a gaming stream (this was after 3 hours on the Minecraft server, BTW), and ZOMG HIS LIFE and blahblahblah.  I kept asking him why the hell he was upset when HE WAS THE ONE WHO INVITED ME TO THE MINECRAFT SERVER, and as an answer, he kept whining.  Um, no.  Just…no.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  You take responsibility, or you GTFO.  I don’t have patience for that crap.

Second, I went to my doctor today for a hysterectomy consult…which has been in the works for over a year.  Now?  He wants me to try Mirena (yes, that site leads to lawsuit information – it’s not a great product).  NOPE.  I am NOT going to change my plan just because I have insurance now and you can play around with my hormones.  We had an agreement, my boyfriend HEARD YOU tell me last year that when I got insurance, I could have the surgery, and now you want to put me on another hormonal treatment after one made my blood pressure go up and the other made my cramps so bad that I passed out?  Dude…just no.  So I’m RAGING about that.  I  have to go in during the worst part of my period to have blood drawn…but that’s no when my hormones are at their screwiest, so I dunno what he’s hoping to accomplish.  I also have orders to come in as-needed for another issue (that points to surgery needed, as well), but it’s likely I’ll just be treated like I’m crazy and over-reacting, because that seems to be the consensus from people who were, a year ago, gung-ho about getting some of these major things taken care of…and things I haven’t been badgering them about, because I TRUSTED that they would keep their word.  I’m nearly 30.  I’m reaching the age where uterine removal is NOT a big deal, especially when no other cause of such severe cramps can be found.  That’s not crazy – that’s about as rational as you can get.  An organ is malfunctioning?  Take it out.  BAM.  Done.

Third, what I can only describe as a troll kept poking me on FB today, promising a verbal beat-down of facts to support his opinion, and they never came.  I presented my side, he’d latch onto one thing I said (even if my position agreed with his) and attack it, and finally I just told him, “Happy Valentine’s Day, forever alone,” which is a joke about a meme, and it basically means if you keep acting like an ass, you’re going to find yourself…well…alone.  He waited until HE was done with the conversation (meaning he couldn’t come up with a compelling argument, so he said he was done…yeah, that’s really going to win you some hearts and minds, sir) to tell me that he had social anxiety, and I shouldn’t say mean things to him.  Excuse me?  A)  Since when does that have anything to do with posting on the intenet?  B)  You sure as hell didn’t feel anxious about insinuating that people were morons.  C)  I have social anxiety, too, and you can’t guilt me, asshat.  D)  That has exactly jack and shit to do with the discussion and was just an excuse to end things.  Fine…you’re an ass, you’re a coward, and I hope you have a nice life, FOREVER ALONE.

The highlight of my day was holding a friend’s newborn for 2 hours while he slept in the crook of my arm and made machine-gun farts that I could feel on my hand through his diaper, clothing, and blankets.  It was hilarious.  (I love babies, but I don’t want to have one – I’m fine watching other people’s kids.)  I mean, I spent the day with my boyfriend, which was amazing, and I’m so glad he was with my at my doctor’s appointment and stuff…don’t get me wrong, that was a highlight, too.

I’m just tired of people being such DICKS.  I can’t fathom a reason for it, and I know part of the reason I’m so punchy is hormones, but COME ON, people…how hard is it to not be a dick?  It’s not.  I spend a lot of my time not being a dick.  It’s fairly simple, with some practice.  If you have to just not be around people for a while, go for it.  No judgments here.  Just slow your roll, calm your tits, and grow up.

I’m frustrated, I’m tired, there’s a lot going on with school right now that’s related to  my health, and I’m just…tired.  Tired is the word.

So sorry for the rant.  Happy VD, belated, and I’ll talk to everyone when I’ve calmed down a bit.


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