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A couple of things I’ve been doing to pass time.

I have, of course, my YouTube channel, the use of which has fallen a bit by the wayside as I’ve discovered game-streaming, of all things.

I’ve made some friends, acquaintances, and even a couple of “frenemies” (people I don’t openly hate, but with whom I have an understanding…we stay out of each other’s way, and when we are on the same channel at the same time, we just ignore each other).  I’ve been given a freakin’ Minecraft account, and even have a “home” on a server.  Folks from all over the world come to watch me play games and curse at my stupid laptop, and it’s so much fun.  If you ever want to check it out, it’s at

You may notice the “advertisements” at the bottom…the graphics and whatnot.  Some guy made those for me, after I mentioned in a friend’s stream about my Rack Legend tee shirt (seriously, do a Google Image Search for “rack legend,” and it’s on the first page of results…how’s that for notoriety?), and he was tickled by the concept.  The text on the donation button is his…I’d prefer it be something different, but until I make my own, I’m sticking with the concept that’ll make folks laugh.  Whatever.  Anyway, there it is.  There are some highlights…some for stupid reasons, some for pure amusement, and some because others wanted to watch a certain point, again.

The second thing I’ve made, on the same network of sites, is a “tv channel” – it’s on (which is partnered with Twitch), and it’s going to serve as a live vlog.  Folks can call in on Skype, I might have guests, etc.  It will never occur on Thursday nights (because you all have somewhere else to be that evening, yes?), but I’m still working on a schedule that will, well, work.  Topics will be all over the place, but one of my first topics is going to be gun safety, because you would not BELIEVE (or maybe you would) the number of people who talk about guns in games like the games are just super-accurate.  Um, no.  Not even close.  A shotgun isn’t that accurate from that range in real life, nor does a sniper rifle blow someone’s head into bits.  That’s just to sell games, folks.

If you want to add me on Skype to call in or to suggest a topic (almost anything goes – no sexual content or threats, though, and I’m going to try to keep the cussing to a minimum), my username is Squeakyb (you’ll find me…don’t worry), and if you want to co-host, let me know your pet topic, and when it comes up, I’ll let you know.  Shows will last however long…but I don’t expect them to last more than a couple of hours.  It’s not like when you’re playing a game, and people have other stuff to stare at (which can last upwards of freakin’ 16 hours, as I’ve learned).  They’re just looking at you, and probably some gifs if you’re like me and get all ADD about your broadcasting screen (funny gifs, because yes).  That’s not terribly exciting, though I do intend to do some makeup tutorials and stuff occasionally…not drunken, either.

Anyway, that’s my news.  Hope y’all have a good weekend!

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