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Robert “Ethan” Saylor’s obituary and donation information.

Thanks to a commenter (Hunter) – his comment here) on this post about the man with Down’s (Robert) who was killed by off-duty deputies acting as theater security guards, I’ve learned that the death has been ruled a homicide, officially, but that they want to keep things in-house:

In the interest of full disclosure, Sheriff Chuck Jenkins said, he wants to see the case go before a grand jury. But if Smith makes the decision, it will not be for that reason, Smith said, adding that grand jury proceedings are secret and would not lend themselves to transparency.

“If we have reason to believe that a final determination needs to be made by someone else besides us, that’s the reason we would take it to a grand jury,” Smith said.

He would not speculate on when his office will come to a decision.

“Obviously, we want to get this resolved as soon as possible for the victim and the officers, but we’re going to give it as much time as it deserves,” Smith said.

I’m not trying to be a pessimist, but that sentence…If we have reason to believe that a final determination needs to be made by someone else besides us…well, it makes me uneasy.

The deputies are still on the payroll, but are on “administrative leave” as of this past Monday.

And here’s Robert’s obituary, courtesy of Breda.

I’m posting the full text…please read it.

Robert Ethan Saylor , “Ethan.” Age 26, New Market, Maryland, passed away on January 12, 2013 at Frederick Memorial Hospital. Born in Frederick, Maryland on January 9, 1987 he was the son of Patti Richmond Saylor and Ron Saylor.

He attended Spring Ridge Elementary, TJ Middle in his early years and later attended and graduated from The Benedictine School in Ridgely, Maryland.

Ethan was briefly employed at Goodwill and went on to explore his many interests. Ethan had a passion for learning all he could about the police and security agencies and amassed volumes of research on them. Ethan also had a great love for music with a collection of over 200 CD’s. Reggae was his favorite. More than anything, Ethan loved his family, his friends, his loyal and caring staff, and his cat Gracie (Fireball). Ethan was a loved and cherished member of Damascus Road Community Church, where he participated in the men’s Choir. Ethan was known by the congregation as “the best hugger” and was warmly embraced by all.

Ethan left behind many loved ones including his parents, Patti Richmond Saylor and Ron Saylor, his beloved sister Emma and brother Adam, his wonderful grandparents Bob and Dottie Saylor, his Aunt Terry and Uncle Chris and their children Macy and Jared, Uncle Gary and Aunt Marlene, Caity, Livy, Daniel, Aunt Lue, Aunt Sue Sue, his many cousins, and his special friends Rainbow, Ann, Chrissy, and the Overs Family.

The viewing will be held on Saturday, January 19, 2013 from 10:30-11:30AM at and then a service celebrating Ethan’s life will begin at 12:00 noon. Everything will be held at the Damascus Road Community Church, 12826 Old National Pike in Mount Airy, MD. Services will be officiated by Pastor Roger Fair, elder at DRCC.

A memorial fund has been established at M&T Bank. Donations can be made by check payable and sent to: Kim Mercier at 400 Oak Court, Baltimore, MD 21228 or at any M&T Bank locations.

Notice that last part?

Saylor’s family has a big lawsuit on their hands.  Even if the thing with the police doesn’t “pan out,” the theater holds responsibility, as well, because the employee should have recognized that Ethan had Down’s and attempted to ask if he was there with anyone, etc.  Nothing was done…in fact, the caregiver was fetching the car, came back during the altercation, and was ignored entirely.

From the first article linked:

Baltimore attorney Joseph Espo, who is representing the family, said Saylor’s caregiver might have been able to defuse the situation, but the caregiver was outside getting her car to take Saylor home when the conflict started.

“They could have just waited a couple of minutes for Ethan’s caregiver to return to the scene and let her deal with it,” Espo said. “He was sitting in his seat, while admittedly not having paid for another ticket, minding his own business. It was not an urgent situation that required immediate attention.”

When the caregiver returned to the theater, she tried to intervene and de-escalate [sic] the situation but was ignored, Espo said.

“The deputies continued doing their thing,” he said. “They didn’t disengage.”

According to this article, Ethan used to call the police station (via 911, but still) just to talk to the officers, because he loved the job so much, and looked up to them.

Now, I’m not someone who’s big on suing businesses just because something happened on their premises, but not only did it happen there, but an employee instigated it.  There IS a legal battle ahead, and this is not something that’s won by people posting on Facebook and passing around photos of someone holding a puppy or something.  This is solved by practical support.

Please consider giving to the memorial fund.  The information, again, is:

Kim Mercier
400 Oak Court
Baltimore, MD 21228


My love to you all…I hope you have a peaceful weekend.

2 comments to Robert “Ethan” Saylor’s obituary and donation information.

  • It’s our office policy, without exception, that every police homicide goes to the Grand Jury.

    The citizens get to see every one.

    And that every police homicide is investigated by an outside agency.

    No matter how right we may be, we should not investigate and decide on charging ourselves. It just looks bad.