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**Edited with updated comments** THOT PROSESS IS BACK. (also, a gross photo of raw meat…proceed with caution)


I had the following exchange with someone on Facebook a bit ago – he’s from Greece, he’s a photographer friend of mine, etc.  I have no disrespect for him, but I feel pretty much how I said about this situation, as seen in the screen shot below (black is the original poster, white is some random, grey is obviously me, and brown is another poster…I couldn’t tell if brown was being sarcastic or not, which is why I tried to make my reply light-hearted):

Honestly, I've seen less offensive ant-abortion campaigns, and I live in the Bible Belt.

Honestly, I’ve seen less offensive anti-abortion campaigns, and I live in the Bible Belt.

Anyway, he’s yet to respond, which in my mind means he’s either taking what he sees as the “high road” (i.e. I’m so wrong to him that he’s not going to dignify what I’ve said with a response) or he’s become convinced to not argue with me (which I call a “win,” even if it’s shallow).


Edit:  He responded, and continued to be rude, so I pointed that out to him and bowed out.  Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat:

His argument is, essentially, "I agree with myself, therefore your opinion is irrelevant."

BRO, DO YOU EVEN ANTHROPOLOGY?  (Also, this first section is his argument in a nutshell, except without the religion involved.  If he’d made the argument in this first section of this page, I would be more likely to listen, but DAMN, SON, YOU RUUUDE.)

Yep.  Done.  Unsubscribed to most of his updates, he’s free to message me, but I doubt he’ll have anything different to say other than probably saying that I’m close-minded and wrong  (his name’s not Ostanine, by the way – that’s a nickname from way back in 2004-ish when we first started talking).

And because some folks don’t know this, I’m encouraged to eat meat because of my dietary restrictions due to Lyme disease.  I don’t eat as much of it as is recommended, in fact…and I’m encouraged to eat fish, pork, chicken, and beef.  As long as I’m hydrated and getting enough fiber with large portions, my doctor has straight-up told me that meat is one of my best dietary friends right now.

(Basically, if you try to convince me to become a vegetarian, I’m going to politely tell you to bite me, because it’s not practical for me in any way, right now, and pushing the issue is just going to irritate me.)

And with that, I’m going to take a nap, because I haven’t been to bed in 24 hours.  Because reasons.

4 comments to **Edited with updated comments** THOT PROSESS IS BACK. (also, a gross photo of raw meat…proceed with caution)

  • Well, biting you WOULD be meat eating, wouldn’t it?



  • Sigivald

    The thing that gets me is his “PROPAGANDA WARNING!!!!” reply.

    As if the original post was not itself obviously propaganda?

    As if “propaganda” means “false”?

    Such people only complain about propaganda they disagree with, which irks me.

    (Me, I dislike all propaganda that is misleading or illogical*, but have no problem with propaganda I disagree with, if it meets the same standards I apply to propaganda I agree with…

    * I am arguably more annoyed by “bad propaganda” for causes I like than the reverse, if only because I know that the people worth convincing will be actively annoyed by it, and driven away.)

    • That was a different poster, and I think he was being sarcastic.

      I do agree with you, though – people mostly tend to complain about that with which they disagree. I’m the same way – don’t care, as long as it’s factual…and that propaganda was most certainly NOT factual.