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Updates! We all love updates!

First, donations are still trickling in, and again, THANK YOU.  I am thisclose to being able to afford to get my uber-Lyme test done, as well.  How close?  $400…half the total cost of the test.

If you’d asked me a week ago if I thought I’d be able to have that option, along with not having to worry so much about my surgery, I would have laughed in your face.  So thank you for not only the donations, but for helping me to literally feel much better/healthier due to a drop in my stress level.  People underestimate the power of stress when you’re already sick, and I used to, too, until I discovered its effect on my life.  I have plenty of other things to worry about, but thankfully, you all have lightened the load considerably.

The donation button is staying up through the first or second week of April (only because I’m not entirely sure how much the final total is going to be, and if there’s a last-minute panic, I’ve been assured that there are folks waiting for that moment, and I’m TOTALLY okay with them holding back until then), and then it will go back to the regular “no emergency, just whatever” button it was before last week.


Second, holy crap, this sinus infection/cold/bronchitis/whatever-the-hell-is-going-on has just kicked my ass ten different ways.  (Yes, I know I just told you guys I feel better/healthier, but that’s in a different way, separate from this sinus hell).

I am feeling better today than I was yesterday…but yesterday was the worst day I’ve had thus far, so anything would be better.  I spent last night hunched over the toilet, coughing so hard I was gagging and nearly throwing up, with my nose dripping blood.  Not pleasant in the slightest.

Today I have more of a dry cough, my nose is trying to heal, and while my ears are still kind of filled with fluid, I can feel that the pressure is going down.

It’s been so long since I’ve had such a severe sinus infection that I’d completely forgotten how horribly miserable it can make you feel.  But again, I’m doing much better, today, so it appears I’m on the mend.  I just need to avoid doing anything stupid, like over-exerting myself or my voice, for the next few days.


Third, I’m supposed to be singing in an Opera Festival on April 7th…and I still haven’t talked to the chorus director about the fact that I may, in fact, be indisposed that weekend, depending on how my appointment goes on the 3rd.  We have rehearsals this week, and I don’t have a voice at all, let alone a singing voice, so I’m sitting here wondering if I’m even going to be able to participate at all.

It’s kind of depressing, in a way – I get back in there, people are glad to see me, I’m having fun, and BAM – I get sidelined.  But if now’s not the time for me to jump back on that bandwagon, then I guess that’s just how it goes, ya know?

I’m mostly sad about this because I’m slated to do a duet of “For Good” with another gal in the Opera Memphis Chorus (here’s a link to me singing it by myself in 2006 at that show I did at the gay bar…and I want to note, again, that that song was done after singing for 2.5 hours straight, so anyone pointing out sour notes can take a long walk off of a short pier), and that’s just one of my favorite songs, ever.

I’m going to try, don’t get me wrong, but this duet is taking the place of solos for the both of us, and I’d rather her be able to do her solo if I’m not going to be able to sing with her.  I guess I’ll know in a few days.


In “my other online life” news, I’ve been gifted a couple of video games by my friend Keeshe (who’s also the gal who drew an awesome picture of me during her art stream – she’s pretty cool), and I’m looking forward to trying them out.  One of them is called “The Path,” and it’s kind of like a psychological horror game based on Little Red Riding Hood, except there are 7 girls you have to lead through the forest, and each one of them has to find their “wolf,” among other things.  The other is “They Bleed Pixels,” which would take a while to describe, but it’s an action platformer that’s basically a world of frustration and cursing waiting to happen…but I had it on my wishlist on Steam, so there you go.

While I’m waiting for my cough meds to kick in, I think I’ll start on “The Path” – maybe do a Let’s Play of it for my YouTube or something.  *shrugs*


And that’s what I’ve got right now.  My life is terribly exciting…haha.

6 comments to Updates! We all love updates!

  • Glad to hear you’re close to your goal! I’ll get you closer come April.

    And hey, what’s a girl gotta do to get on your blogroll?

  • “For Good” That was beautiful work.

  • For some reason I’m having trouble trolling your blog. A girl and her gun sent me.

    I happened to end up at an April 2011 post detailing the abscesses in your armpit.


    Look it up, but be prepared to see your armpit on hundreds of others, as well as myself.

    My medical genius’s thought I had ingrown hair follicles, then blamed my hygiene, gave me antibiotics that caused yeast, blamed MRSA, then I found out on my own.

    And they create tracts that go elsewhere like the groin, under the breasts, wherever.

    I’m my own best ‘home surgeon’ and for ten years I’ve lanced, drained and gotten quite a lot of scar tissue from it. At the worst, I had four outpatient surgeries on both armpits.

    Well. . . that’s just my opinion, since there were no photographs.

    • I’ve looked at that and have discussed it with my doctor (yes, that very condition – I’m one of THOSE patients who’s my own advocate as much as possible, because of the Lyme going undiagnosed as long as it did and causing the problems it did). The problem was a dull razor and staph. It hasn’t recurred, the only scar is from the removal a year ago (and it’s faded quite nicely), and there have been no “incidents” in any other part of the body where something like that would happen. The lab tests I had were positive for MRSA, and it was treated with minocycline (which is the recommended antibiotic for HS, as well). My hygiene was, thankfully, never called into question, and there were no ingrown hairs – it was an unfortunate circumstance where I was on anti-fungals, so my body’s bacteria count was higher than average, I essentially scraped open my armpit during a humid part of the year, and the bacteria that normally just gathers until I wash the next day decided to have a party in a few of the scrapes, and voila – MRSA. It lives on our skin, anyway, it just usually needs good conditions to thrive, and my suppressed immune system at the time with the distressed skin created the perfect storm.

      I do have keratin deposits in some of my pores, and those can cause issues (mostly when I shave or scratch the area), but I’ve begun a gentle exfoliation on a weekly basis of the areas, followed by a rubdown with surgical soap and hypo-allergenic lotion, and my arms actually feel normal, again.

      I’m sorry you’re dealing with such a painful condition…are there laser procedures for it, at all? It seems to me like it’d be the perfect candidate for that sort of treatment, but there’s probably some complication, there, that I don’t know about.