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Possible awesome.

An old high school friend that I’ve kept in touch with over the past few years through social media and public gatherings contacted me last week to let me know he had a business proposition.

Now, when someone says that, I instantly get suspicious, because you never know, they could be wanting you to help them do something for themselves with little or no compensation, and I’m not in a position to be so charitable right now, financially (though I will help the occasional person with a short paper for proof-reading purposes).

I spoke with him on Skype (during the period where I had no voice…it was fun), and he told me his company was looking for, essentially, a ghost-writer for a series of pretty big projects.  He recommended me because of a conversation we’d had in December where I’d mentioned both my writing and the fact that I really wanted to be able to work from home.  He also recommended me because I am, in his words, “one of the smartest people [he] knows[s].”  (Oh, stop…you’ll make me blush, then I’ll look like I’ve been drinking…)

I agreed to speak with his boss to get more details.

His boss had read my blog after hearing about me from my friend (hi, Boss), and with that friend’s recommendation and my writing here, I was sent the first assignment.

I have to take a recording and a transcript and turn them into something the average person would enjoy reading, for an educational purpose.

So far, I’ve listened to the recording and made some notes, and I’m working on formatting.  It’s slower going than I initially thought it would be (even with two wonderful examples), but mostly because I’m still recovering from my illness, and so my brain is like, “herp?  derp.  yup, herp derp.”  So I’ll write something, it’ll look stupid, and I have to re-do it.  I’m examining other ways of organization, etc., and it’s coming along okay, but this is new territory for me due to the subject material (which I’m not going to discuss until it’s assured that this is a continued thing).

I hope that what I end up with is good enough for the remainder of the assignments.  I do enjoy writing, and have wanted to have a job doing that for quite some time, now, with specific instructions and whatnot (like technical writing, which this isn’t, but you get the idea).

Anyway, this will be helpful, from a few perspectives, and I’m looking forward to getting it done and seeing what’s next.

Not to mention, this will help with some things I need to get done that I’m not asking anyone for help with, like repairing/replacing my radiator (it leaks, joy and rapture), and upgrading my desktop PC (for several reasons).

So…yay!  A jobby-job-job-thing!  And with a possible week-long collaboration with CREP this summer, I should be able to make it until the fall, when I will be starting school again, provided I don’t have to have MAJOR surgery following the laparoscopy.

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