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Don’t cross me, Internet.

It’s been one of THOSE days.

The days where you’re awakened by a phone call with bad news (even if it’s an answer you’ve been waiting for…it’s never fun to be told that your thyroid and hypothalamus have both just stopped giving a shit with regard to your T3 levels, and that your adrenal glands are quickly following suit in the “dooooon’t giiiiiiive a fuuuuuck” department), then you go online to see/deal with not one, but two elitist assholes.

One of them thinks that intelligence should be selectively bred, and the other just argues to argue, with no concept of limits (part of it’s a cultural issue, but the other is an “I’m better than you” issue).

Both men have had the riot act read to them, and have been subsequently removed from my circle of influence (though one of them is, I’m sure, aware of this blog, and may try to comment to defend himself, in which case he will be banned from commenting, because he’s a moron, and it’s my fucking blog, so I’ll block anyone I want, damn it).

I’m still in a lot of pain, I can’t concentrate very well, and maybe I’m wasting my time by laying waste to idiots as I encounter them, but right now?  I have nothing else.

…except Netflix and peanut butter.  Which I will now utilize before trying to catch up on some sleep that I’ve been dearly missing the past few nights due to the aforementioned pain and its results.

In conclusion:



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