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Corset for sale!

LADIES (and whatever guys may be interested for whatever reason) – **CORSET FOR SALE**

This is a Frederick’s of Hollywood corset, black, that I got on sale for $30+shipping, but I ordered the wrong size (large boobs = fail).

I’m asking $30 to recoup my costs, but it normally goes for $60. It’s good quality (I’ve had one previously that lasted me many years, after my friend sold it to me, and the only reason I don’t have it, now, is because someone borrowed it and didn’t return it), the laces hold well, and with good positioning, you can wear it all night with no issues.

It’s a “size 38″ according to the Frederick’s site, but measures 32″ around at the center when fully laced, so if you have a 32″ waist to a 38″ waist, you should be able to wear this. It does have fabric allowance for boobs in the front, so it won’t smash you flat – it actually lifts them up and holds them in place. Anyone from an A cup to a DD should be fine with this (and the tighter you lace the top, the more your girls are going to, uh, “stand out”). The garters at the bottom are removable.

[It also comes with a G-string, which hasn't been touched, because ew, but if you buy the corset, you're getting it, and you can do whatever you want with it.]

Please let me know if you’re interested, COMMENT HERE, so that I can go in order of people who’ve replied. If you don’t live in Memphis, I’m asking an extra $5 for shipping. If you do live in Memphis, we’ll meet up and do an exchange.

The first photos are of the actual corset for sale. The last two are of me wearing my older one, in 2007 (I was a size 12, 34DDD), to show how it fits…it’s the same style.

Front of corset for sale.

Front of corset for sale.

Back of corset for sale.

Back of corset for sale.

Included g-string and close-up of garters.

Included g-string and close-up of garters.


Thumbnail, because reasons.

Another thumbnail, because more reasons.

Another thumbnail, because more reasons.




7 comments to Corset for sale!

  • Big D, and it dont mean Dallas

    Without trying to sound creepy, I remember this…heh.

  • Feral Mom

    lol @ Big D.

  • Sigivald

    I’ll take your word for it that it’s the “wrong size”, because the “Because Reasons” sure makes it look like it fits…

    • Please read the text ABOVE the photos, again. There’s pretty much no way in hell I’d be able to put on a corset right now, let alone have any desire to post pictures of myself in it, ESPECIALLY if it didn’t fit me. Those photos are from 2007/2008, but I suppose you see why I wanted to get a new one to replace the one in the photos. :-P

  • Sigivald

    I did read the text, but it didn’t make it obvious that the photos were years old…

    (“Ordered the wrong size” makes it sound like a current problem, is all. Combine that with a photo that shows what looks like a plausible fit, and thus my confusion.)

    • “The last two are of me wearing my older one, in 2007 (I was a size 12, 34DDD), to show how it fits…it’s the same style.”

      I thought that was pretty specific. I’m not pissed, but I’m trying to sell something. Thank you for the compliment – that’s why I wanted to buy a new one.