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What the hell is wrong with kids these days?

Okay, so knowing one of the teens involved, I have this to say about her:  she’s smart, she’s got talent, she’s very pretty, and she’s stronger than she thinks.

Yet she participates in shit like this (she’s the “sharer,” so I whited out her name and photo, along with he name and photo in the “tag this person?” request that Facebook does for whatever reason…I also whited out the “last name” of the OP of the photo, who is shown in this composite, BTW, so they’re participating in this madness, as well as instigating it):

No, seriously, they're ranking each other on "ugliness" to eliminate to a "prettiest" winner.

No, seriously, they’re ranking each other on “ugliness” to eliminate to a “prettiest” winner.

Note my comment…and that it’s the only one, after this had been up for 8 hours (it was posted at around 6am, from my estimation, on a Saturday).

I recognized some of these folks from the girl I know’s page, and I know they’re into the ‘scene’ and ‘emo’ stuff.  I know the differences between the two, but I also know there are some overlaps, and that some of these kids engage in self-harm.

I ALSO know that this kind of behavior encourages self-harm.

Why in the hell would you put yourself in a ranking system with your “friends’ to see who’s prettiest?  The hearts in the messages just make it worse…it’s like “just sayin’” after you insult someone.

I know it’s “none of my business,” but when you’ve just posted this PUBLICLY, you’ve made it my business.

If you’re wondering why I haven’t blurred any of the teens’ faces, well, they want to be judged, I’m going to do just that:  YOU’RE ALL BEAUTIFUL.  YOU ALL HAVE SOMETHING TO CONTRIBUTE.  The fact that you care what other people think of you means you have the potential to be wonderful individuals, so STOP bringing each other down to try to prop yourself up.  You’re going to get hurt, regardless, and hurting others to make yourself feel better WILL eventually backfire on you, if not immediately (as it often does with teens).  Being hurt so that someone else can be “queen” or “king” is going to make you resent people you thought were your friends, and ultimately, everyone’s going to end up miserable.

But as Lavar Burton (before your time) says, “don’t take MY word for it.”  Go ahead and play your game.  Just don’t be surprised if, when it’s over, you all feel like crap.

4 comments to What the hell is wrong with kids these days?

  • Seriously, what the hell?! And they are all beautiful

  • Those kids are all beautiful.

    In 8th grade, I was really skinny. I had cat eye glasses, braces, and my school haircut was done by someone who had formerly sheared sheep. My friends, just laughed with me, (the braces would soon come off and hair grows out). But one boy I liked wrote Kal Kan (the dog food name) across my picture in the yearbook with a big sharpee.

    That really hurt.

    These kids have no idea what is important, and who is hurt by their little games.

    • So far, they’ve voted out the guy in the middle wearing the hat (#5) and the youngest-looking male (#2 in this pic, though he was #3 in the next round, as the numbers were mixed up a bit).

      Everyone left, except the instigator, is female. Imagine that…being the only guy left in a group of girls with low self-esteem…no, this isn’t predatory behavior at all…

      I reported the Facebook profile, sent the kid a message telling him so, and what I thought of the whole thing, and am keeping tabs on the girl I know, because she’s recently cut herself and told me.

      I was the kid at the (assigned, in elementary school) lunch table who would laugh at a joke and have someone say, “Everyone stop laughing, because Bonnie’s laughing!” I had girls make fun of my lack of breasts in 6th grade (apparently genetics took that one personally…), and I had people call me straight-up ugly to my face, because I’m a redhead with freckles, was skinny with glasses, and didn’t have designer clothes or anything. I wore the same jeans all the time, had favorite flannel overshirts, wore tee shirts, etc. It wasn’t all my fault…I wanted better clothes, just never got any for reasons I won’t go into…but knowing it wasn’t my fault doesn’t matter to kids. They’re cruel to make themselves feel better, even though they don’t know that’s what they’re doing.

      Some are cruel because their parents are cruel…but it’s all for the same reason: you feel like you have to step on someone else to raise yourself up to see over the crowd.

      I pity people like that, but teens…their brain development MAKES THEM STUPID. They don’t realize what they’re doing because the frontal lobes (and you know this, so I don’t know why I’m even saying it) don’t even finish developing until they’re at least 21 years old, and that’s the area of the brain that says, “Hold up, you may not want to do this.”