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Thank you.

To all who have donated, emailed, messaged, commented, re-posted, linked, and in any way contributed to helping me during this time – Thank You.

I know times are rough.  I know things have been going down the tubes in so many places, for so many people, that my issues are but a blip on the radar for some.  But a blip is still a blip, and for those that paid attention to it, again, I thank you.


It’s not easy for me to accept when I need help.  I’ve always been stubborn, and admitting these past few months that I can’t do for myself what a 29-to-30-year-old woman should has been humbling, frustrating, enraging, depressing, and just so different that coping has been one of my largest issues.  My birthday is a week and a half away, and all I want is a “normal” day, whatever that would be to me, now.  I will begin my 30′s at a low…but will hopefully end them with a high.


There is one more day for the raffle.  I’ve had the pleasure of being able to try out several items on the list (I will post a proper review as soon as I can – as a hint, they made a big boom before they became what they are, today), and am friends with several of the item donors.  Jennifer has been a great source of support, not only for organizing this raffle, but in personal exchanges via email.

I’ve had exchanges with others via email and Facebook, and in the messages, people have said that I’m strong enough to get through this.  That belief in me has helped in more ways than one, and those ways are not ones I am prepared to discuss at this time, but know this:  you have made a difference.


I don’t know how I’m going to make it through the next few months, personally, but knowing there are people who care…some of whom I’ve yet to meet…means so much to me.


I didn’t want to close out this raffle with a message of despair, about how awful I feel – you all know that, by now.  I’ve said it enough.  I wanted to record my Lyme symptoms, and ended up recording far more than I intended.  I’m leaving it up – it’s all valid.  But it’s not the whole story, and I don’t want anyone to think I’ve lost hope.


The reason I haven’t lost hope is because of your support.


So…thank you.

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