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The FUNdraiser raffle is over, but boy, have we got a surprise for you…

As I’ve said before, I don’t like asking for money.  The raffle was one thing, because there were items up for grabs.  It was less, “omg halp” and more “if you halp, thar be cool things you can has!”

Well, a gauntlet has just been thrown for the rest of the money to be raised, and it’s…kind of a big deal.

Erin’s not fucking around, and she’s making QUITE a promise, here.

Michael’s post reminded people that oh, right, there’s a raffle, and I raised nearly 44% of my surgery goal in 49 hours. Think about that for a second.  Nearly half of my goal was made in 2 days.

Well, guess what?  For those of you who’d still like to give, Erin’s given you incentive (and I’ve had offers for EVEN MORE items to give away, which I would do using, with every $10 donated by an individual who wants to participate counting as an entry – so $50 would be 5 entries – this is not yet confirmed, but when/if it is, I will post it).

Thus, I’ve started a donation page to help reach my goal by the end of the month.  Complete with flattering hospital photo:



I’m doing this because of the huge step Erin’s taking.  If you’ve already given, you are under NO pressure or obligation to give, again – but when someone throws down the gauntlet like that for you, you answer in kind, and this is the only way I can answer.

You’ll notice she’s listed as the organizer – I’m still getting the emails, because I’m the one who set it up, but everything sent will be forwarded to her, because she’s the one who spurred this into action.

This will replace the FUNdraiser link in the left sidebar, as well.  The regular donation button will remain, for those of you who wish to not deal with a third-party site, even though they use PayPal, and it would be a great way to track what’s been donated toward the goal.

Please spread the word, and thanks for your help/consideration!

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