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So THIS is kind of a big deal – in a GOOD WAY, because screw doom & gloom posts!

Remember the stretch goals?  Well, I’m calling them “tiers” because I’m used to using Kickstarter…or at least looking at them and wishing I could give money and get cool swag in return.

ANYWAY, here’s an update on them from Erin…with one exception:  Jennifer is now in charge of the duet, because my meds make my voice wonky, and I want the duet to sound good.  That won’t happen if my throat muscles go all slack-tastic unexpectedly.

(I plan to record a song for you all, as soon as I can get, you know, chords for it.  It’s already written, it’s an original, it’s not wonderful, but I mean it, it’s for everyone…people physically here, people online…everyone.)


Okay, so here’s the announcement:  WE’VE REACHED THE 5TH TIER.

Don’t remember them?  (Not listing amounts, but here they are, again.)

1.  Erin sang a song.  And talked.  It was awesome.

2.  Erin’s still waiting on her dialogue to read for everyone.

3.  Jennifer and Erin are going to sing a duet.

4.  Erin is going to dress up in “gunnie cosplay” – Annie Oakley seems to be at the top of the list.

5.  Erin is going to do a cheesecake, pinup, or bikini photo.

6.  If this tier is reached, Erin will make a video singing whatever song you want, doing pretty much anything you want, as long as it’s not disgusting or illegal.


Yeah.  You guys did this.  She’ll be posting soon with details, but needless to say, neither of us was sure it would get this far, so THANK YOU, again!


I still don’t have any medical news, because, uh, Monday’s business day hasn’t started, but as soon as I do, I will post it, here.  In the meantime, others have delighted at the naming of my nodule-thing after my Wasband, people are being awesome, and despite the terribad news I got, the first few days of 30 have been good.  The news…we can deal with that as it comes.  We are preparing, and you folks are helping so much that there aren’t enough “thank you”s to account for how grateful I am.  I know I’ve been out of the loop, and it’s because I’ve been sick.  I’ve withdrawn.  And despite that, you still found me “important” enough (that’s the only word I can think of…sorry if it seems awkward) to link to, donate to, and wish well.  That’s awesome.  So…thanks.  Again.  Because I got nothin’ else.

Oh, here’s a buttcone:  <3

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