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Words and deeds, and a different kind of bleg – for YOU.

Over the past few weeks, a ridiculous cliche has been appearing over and over again:

“You can make all the promises you want, but unless you see them through, they’re just empty words.”

I’ve had people I don’t even know (either at all, or just not in person) make promises and keep them. I’ve had people not even make promises, just DO things for me…strangers, as well as friends (again, online or in person) and family. I currently have someone following through with a ridiculously rash decision that was made on my behalf, and it’s going spectacularly wrong, but damn it, he’s seeing it through (and, well, I might be helping – by singing, wheelchair and all, even if only a couple of songs).

I’ve had people promise to call me, promise to come by and visit (calling first, of course, to make sure I’m at least dressed), promise to send things, promise to email me or game with me, promise to help me with specific things…and they haven’t followed through.

It’s not the fact that those things aren’t happening…it’s that the people who make and then break those promises have almost universally acted as though nothing’s happened, and even flaunting other, similar activities with other people. H’okay.

I try to keep promises, and when I can’t, I at least have the gumption to own up to why I can’t, instead of either not saying anything at all, or pawning off the reason on something or someone else.

“Every excuse I ever heard made perfect sense to the person who made it. ”
― Dr. Daniel T. Drubin

Think about how your excuses sound to other people, and own your actions, as well as your words.


I was going to post that whole thing on Facebook, but I thought, “Fuck it.  People need to read this.”

I’ve had complete strangers over the internet do more for me lately than some (not all) people in my physical life who’ve just been making promises.  You might argue that it’s easier to click a “donate” button or write a blog post, but honestly, it’s not…at least for me.  These words are here forever, or at least until my blog’s server dies or something.  I think about them, I try to proofread (yeah, I know, mistakes are made…nobody’s perfect), and I try to make myself clear.

When I say I’m going to do something, to the best of my ability, I try.  When I can’t do it, I tell the person/people exactly why, and I own whatever consequences come from it.  I wasn’t always that way.  I had to learn, and grow into it.

I guess some people never do.  That makes me sad, but I’m going to begin weeding those folks out of my flower bed.


I’m also going to try to update my blogroll, as well as my feed reader (I’m using Feedly, which is okay…I miss Google Reader for so many reasons), and try to keep up with everyone better.  I’ve slid, and I’ve missed so much.  What means so much to me lately is that even though I withdrew…well…you’re still here.  I said that before, but it does mean something, so I’m going to do my best to make sure I follow through in the way that I can, and that’s to keep up with all of you, or as many as I can.

So…newbies, regulars, lurkers, and folks from waaaay back when (April 2007, folks…6 years and 4 months!), post your blog links.  Post to things you like.  Use this space to share what you like, what makes you happy.  I promise I will look at every single thing.

I mean, first, OPEN FLOOR…come on, use it!  Youtube video of a song that makes you happy?   Post it.  Blog that you like to read for whatever reason?  Post it.  Comment on something that’s bothering you?  Post it – anonymously, if you’d like (just use the username “Anonymous” with a random number after it…it counts by email address, not username, I’m fairly sure).  This is the time where you get to say what you want, where you want it (as long as nothing you post is hateful or harmful toward anyone else – I have to make that rule, because, well, I’d like for this to be civil, at least).

Second, I need something to do while recuperating, and hopefully you guys can fill up this comment section with plenty of suggestions/likes/hopes/dreams/photos/videos, etc. that I won’t be stuck with Netflix and solitaire during bad moments when I can’t focus on much else.

Here, I’ll start:

The person responsible for getting me into gaming was a gentleman from England.  I was randomly searching YouTube looking for info on this game “Amnesia” that people were posting, and there was a compilation video with a guy with a British accent saying very funny things (turns out it wasn’t the guy I ended up watching, but all the same…it made me laugh, but bonus, best quote ever right here).  I looked up “British Amnesia” on Youtube, and his was the first channel that popped up.  I’m posting the playlist here, should you be so inclined.  It’s a horror game, yes, but his commentary made it watchable, and that was the moment when I said, “You know what?  I could do that.”  So thanks, Helloween4545 (I will not reveal your real name…fear not, good sir!), for inadvertently unleashing my awkward gaming onto the world!


(and no, i haven’t finished this game.  i can watch them, can’t play them very well…heh…)


Your turn!

2 comments to Words and deeds, and a different kind of bleg – for YOU.

  • Heh. I don’t need to post links, because I can bug you directly. ;)

    Also, put me down for making a rash decision that, fortunately, is going spectacularly right (for once).

    And regarding “I need something to do while recuperating”… well, that’s what the care package is for! :D