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As the beneficiary of so much, I’m throwing down my own gauntlet for someone else.

As you know, Erin has made a “stretch goal” list for milestones along the path of donations.

#5, which I mentioned that we made, yesterday, is a pin-up, cheesecake, or bikini shot.

What I didn’t mention is that when Erin heard we’d surpassed that goal, she began to panic.

She has severe body dysmorphic disorder, and didn’t think we’d make  it to that tier amount, let alone go above it.

She keeps saying that she made a promise, and she’s not going to break it, but then admitted that the idea made her throw up from fear, not just to me, but on her Facebook page.

So here’s my gauntlet:


I AM THE ONE MAKING THIS DECISION, NOT HER.  She has broken no promises, so if you want to bitch at someone, bitch at me.

She just made a blog post about this subject actively begging for you guys not to ask for bikini shots, but still says she’ll do them if enough people ask.  She did this because she knew I was going to make this post.  There’s your proof that she’s not backing out, but that instead, I’m calling it.

Coercion of something that makes someone uncomfortable, unhappy, and literally sick is not in my Morality Wheel.

My health is not worth jeopardizing the health of a friend, let alone a friend who’s done so much for me.

We take care of our own.  That’s what I’m doing, here.  Period.

13 comments to As the beneficiary of so much, I’m throwing down my own gauntlet for someone else.

  • My idea for the pinup is a slinky evening gown with the gloves up to the shoulders the hair up just right with the cigarette holder and a chinese fan.

  • The idea of bikini pics most certainly will invoke a Pavlovian response from guys, but Erin is already putting herself way out there as it is to ask this of her would be crass in my opinion. I am however a huge fan of pinup and wouldn’t mind that at all, but I won’t insist on it. Erin is making a huge sacrifice just by having her picture taken. I would like to suggest that for now everyone who gets to make a request should request that Erin wear whatever she feels the most comfortable in even if it is a T-Shirt 3 sizes too large, baggy jeans and pink crocs festooned with My Little Pony buttons.

    The mischievous part of me thinks Erin in a Soviet Era Great Coat holding her Mosin Nagant skipping through a field of tulips would be epic.

  • Jannelle

    I second the suggestion of the evening gown. Very classy.

  • Matt G

    That wasn’t why I donated. It literally did not factor into the equation.

    But I would encourage her to visit with our friend Oleg for a session before she makes up her mind forever. If nothing else, she can keep those pictures in her keepsake drawer/hard drive, not to be opened by anyone but her in her old age. Hell, if I were pretty, I would.

    • She doesn’t think she’s pretty. That’s what the body dysmorphia is all about, and the crux of her fear…hence why I’m saying that if she does it, it’s on her, because I’m not endorsing her making herself sick when she keeps saying it’s for my benefit. I don’t benefit from her hurting herself emotionally. No one does.

      I do agree that she should take some fun pictures FOR HER, but that she should feel no obligation to share them until she feels ready, if she feels ready.

  • […] physically ill sort of big way. She’s not backing down or chickening out, though. I am in agreement with Bonnie, that unless and until Erin is comfortable creating and sharing a bikini/cheesecake/pin-up style […]

  • If we’re going for “cheesecake” then I would suggest one of those WWII pinups. You could copy the Gina Elise retro-modern style.

    That’s actually classy. I would actually be disappointed if Erin did something unclassy. How weird is that?

  • Joseph

    There is no reason for Erin to do something if it makes her uncomfortable. She’s doing a wonderful thing for Bonnie. That tells me the kind of person she is, and that’s all I need to ‘see’.

  • […] now, you’ve realized how severe, and why I made such a big deal out of making sure she didn’t feel pressured to do a bikini or chee….  Folks, this is a big deal.  I don’t want my friends to get hurt, or to hurt themselves on […]