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Situation introduced, and now broken down a little more calmly.

Erin posted a (slightly panicked) email that I’d sent to her and a couple of other folks, and as she pointed out, I was waiting until I was calmer to post details about what’s happening.

Here’s the sequence with which things have been occurring, and what I’m going to do about the ones that are currently causing me distress:

1.  Laparascopic surgery in April 2013 reveals a mass of scar tissue attaching uterus to bowel.  Endometriosis suspected to be main culprit.  Further surgery discussed and hysterectomy decided on due to a multitude of factors, including pain, uterus being borked, anyway, and bowel needing to be free to do its thing.

2.  Consult with second surgeon (yep, having two surgeons working on me – one OB, and one general) yielded a lot of non-answers to very specific questions.  Nodule discovered invading my colon, creating difficulty with elimination, while also contributing to severe pain and some impaction.  Colonoscopy ordered pre-surgery in order to rule out other nodule causes, but nodule generally accepted to be something growing between my uterus and bowel, surrounded by (and creating more) scar tissue.

3.  Second surgeon’s office misplaced my colonoscopy orders (they paper-clipped them to someone else’s chart), and as a result, instead of my colonoscopy consult being, oh, more than a week ago, it’s on August 27th.  I was told I’d be in surgery by now, so this oversight is…well, I’ll be polite about it and just say, “inconvenient.”  The nurse in charge of the charts apologized profusely, but this isn’t the first time that office has messed up, and it won’t be the last.  I’m counting on the surgeon’s ego to ensure that he will do a good job, because his staff isn’t helping my confidence.

4.  After the colonoscopy consult, my colonoscopy itself will be scheduled, and my surgery date will be scheduled after that.  I’m assuming they’re going to wait for the colonoscopy results before they schedule surgery, to make sure there’s nothing else in my bowel that could complicate things, but I honestly have no idea.  This is a huge stress, as well – not-knowing is awful.

5.  Projected date based on all of this (and taking into account the general surgeon’s office staff), I’m assuming the surgery is going to be in either mid-September or later.  While not terrible, I was counting on, you know, being about to get around during the holidays…and recovery time is 3 months minimum (half of that is O GOD MY LIFE, while the other is, “this just sucks”).


Now, in the meantime, I’m still getting collections letters from bills I thought were paid, so I have to call my insurance company and see what’s up, and while I’m on the phone with them, I’m going to ask them about the projected cost of these new procedures, as well as my out-of-pocket maximum.  I italicized that because it means that if I meet that, there’s a certain point in this mess where it doesn’t matter what happens, I won’t have to pay for anything except office visits and prescriptions until January.  This is a good thing, both for me and for those donating, because it might relieve some pressure.  I have to find out how close I am, though.  I will post that update when I can.

Another thing I’m going to do is call my OB surgeon (the guy who’s removing my uterus before the other surgeon goes after the bowel scars) and talk to him about the general surgeon’s answers to my questions, and see what he thinks.  I’d like his opinion not only on the answers, but the attitude, and I want to reinforce whether I should have as much faith in this surgeon as he does.  Dr. Martin (OB surgeon) is really awesome, and I trust him…but I need some reassurance.

The major worry right now is that, the longer the surgery is pushed off, the less the donations that have been made, already, will actually go toward the surgery.  They ARE going to legitimate medical expenses leading UP to the surgery, but then there’s the “disabled for three months” thing that I need to try to figure out.  I literally just had someone talk to me about some work I can do from home, but that will have to wait until after I’m recovered, so there’s still that three-month window.

And this is where I feel weird, because I know that circumstances are just getting ridiculous, but I can’t work now, I won’t be able to work while on bed rest, and money’s tight, as it is.  Those who have given – thank you.  Those who have promised to give in the future – thank you, as well.

There will be another raffle – we’re hammering out details, but signed copies of books by people we all know and love, handmade crafts, and other items will be available, and it will be going through October.

Basically, what we’re trying to do is raise money without it just being me saying, “So…uh…shit just got really complicated, and there’s my tip jar, and, uh…”  You will have a chance to get something for your money.

You will see that I linked to my Zazzle store above, as well (the “O GOD MY LIFE” is on a tee shirt after I said it so many times it pretty much became my catch-phrase).  I only get 10% of the sales, but if you see something you like, pick it up, and you’ll have something to wear/use, and you’ll have contributed in a small way.  I’m making tee shirts, stickers, and other things soon for another cause, but you’ll be made aware of those once they’re ready.

Also, you know the dramatic reading Erin’s doing?  Well, whatever gets voted 2nd place (you can see the votes at the top of her website from the first link in this entry), I will read.  This means that if “Fifty Shades of Gray” is picked as the second choice…well, prepare to hear me say some truly terrible things in a public recording.


And them’s the haps.


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