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Ah, racism.

A WWII veteran was waiting outside of his local VA lodge to escort a lady friend in (this is very common – my grandmother, when she went to events in Clarksville, would have chaperones all the time, because that’s just how these folks operate), and two young black males beat the crap out of him and left him for dead.  He died later in the hospital with head injuries.

I linked to the Twitchy page, because the commenters there tend to focus on “holy shit, what are we going to do about this?” rather than going into racist-spittle-mode.

The deceased name is Pvt. Delbert Belton.  He served overseas, was wounded in the leg, and, from public records and family statements, he seemed to have lived a pretty good life when he returned.

Now, no offense to folks who still write for Examiner – many of you to whom I speak on a semi-regular basis are eloquent enough to not go apeshit on one aspect of a story.  I quit writing for them because they got UBER picky about my articles, including basically saying that I had to create controversy to get more readers (um…I was writing about animal care…not a lot of controversy there aside from pet food recalls and proper flea and tick prevention).

Apparently they have people more than happy to fill that void.  One person wrote that this was a race-related beating in response to the Zimmerman verdict, and if Mr. Belton had a gun, it would have affected gun rights, too, because…race.  You know, because they’re black, and the victim was white.  (I really don’t want to give the page more reads, but the comments are kind of essential, here.)

As of yet, the suspects haven’t been caught.  The police think it’s random, and I’m going to lean with them on this until the suspects are caught and questioned (because if it IS race-based, you know they’ll be more than happy to let us all know – racists tend to do that…they’re very loud…and if these guys beat up the man because he was white, then they kind of fit the umbrella definition of “racist” that’s being used, these days, inaccurate though it may be).

Instead of leading you through the comments section, I took a screenshot – click to embiggenate, and prepare to have your brain melted by utter stupidity:

Seriously.  Look at it.

Seriously. Look at it.

I had two people who were helpful to me about figuring out what the man’s rank was when he was discharged – that’s underneath the last comment (hence the cutoff), and aside from one guy being like, “What does it matter what his rank was?” (the media’s not saying it, and I say he earned that rank, so it should be said like a title…just as someone would say “Dr. so-and-so was murdered” – it was earned, it’s relevant and respectful, period), that settled down quickly.

The rest was just…wow.  WOW.

Now, why do I engage people like this?  Because while I used to be a yelling, dick-headed libtard, I realized that was made me the most furious, and usually cut me off, was people making rational arguments with a touch of condescension.  And check it out – bam, it’s over (for now…maybe they went to bed, or to a Klan rally).  All I did was call their bluff, and they stopped…after down-voting my comments (boo-freakin’-hoo – I can do that, too!  hurr durrrr).

Sure, I slightly exaggerated where I live (it’s not bad, honestly, though it’s surrounded by bad neighborhoods on like, 3 sides), but I live in MEMPHIS.  Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot here.  Elvis Presley, who brought “black” music to the mainstream, lived and died here (we just got done celebrating his death with a week-long party, because apparently that’s how we roll).  Race relations are not, shall we say, amazing.  But you know what?  The more you reinforce a stereotype, the more you’re not only going to SEE that stereotype, but the more those being stereotyped are going to feel like they might as well fit into it, since they’re not going to change anyone’s mind.

Seriously – it’s a psychological process.  It’s what keeps people with low self-esteem down when they’re in a neutral or negative environment even after leaving the root where their insecurities began.  I’m living proof of this concept, but I’m white, so I guess it doesn’t count. (/sarcasm)

Anyway, the scary thing is, these folks are everywhere right now, and they’re prepared to dole out vigilante justice based on skin color, without knowing motive or anything, based on an assumption, which is based on something they’ve been focusing on for the better part of a year.

Have race-related incidents happened as a result of the verdict in the Zimmerman/Martin case?  Yes.  Is this one of them?  We don’t know, yet.  Is it fair to say that they only attacked that man because he was white, and they were black?  Nope.

Too bad the media can’t help themselves by creating wildly race-baiting headlines including the terms “black thugs” and “savage race war.”  *facepalm*

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