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The importance of timing.

I don’t “do” 9/11 posts.

I think I’ve done a couple of posts on that day in the years since I’ve had my blog, and people have asked where I was when it happened, and at this point, it doesn’t matter, because I wasn’t in NYC, I didn’t know anyone in the towers, on the planes, etc., and I have enough anxiety without thinking about THAT mess, because it’s not MY mess.

(I was 18, on my way home from class my first semester of college, my 9am class was canceled, I couldn’t get music on the radio, and I got pissed off until I heard something about a plane crash.  I spent the rest of the day confused, because I paid ZERO attention to politics, but my grandfather was angry and kept saying, “It’s that bastard bin Laden.”  That’s literally my “story.”  It’s dumb.)


Last night, Obama gave a speech about how we have to bomb Syria…but just a little bit, to get their attention, because chemical weapons are THE LINE, apparently.

John Kerry said something about how Syria could avoid us bombing them if they would give up their weapons in a week.

Vladimir Putin said, “Hey, Kerry’s got a point – Syria, whaddya say?”

As of when I went to bed last night, Syria had unofficially accepted PUTIN’S offer, leaving our President looking like a moron.


I believe I ranted about Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize…and I don’t give a damn what anyone says, he got it for being the first black President, period.  He didn’t earn it, he did nothing to foster peaceful relations.  He existed, he lied, he got elected.  Holy shit…that’s like, every President ever!  Give them all NPP’s!

He’s been showing this itch…the same one every modern President has gotten…to go to war, to DO SOMETHING.  He’s showing it, and last night he scratched.

Putin said, “Hey, don’t do that, it’ll get infected.”  And Putin?  The asshole who tells his country to beat up homosexuals?  He’s right about this.

And Syria’s going, “Yeah, dude, that’s nasty, and it’s SYRIA talking…we scratch our itches all the time, but we’ve built up an immunity.  You guys don’t want any of that.”


Aaaaand today.  September 11, 2013.  12 years (no significance there, just counting) after planes were flown into three of the most important buildings in our country, and the world went, “WTF?!?  Okay, we gotta stick together on this,” we’ve basically just given an invitation for someone to do it again, by looking like incompetent bullies.



4 comments to The importance of timing.

  • “we’ve basically just given an invitation for someone to do it again, by looking like incompetent bullies.


    This X100. You can be damn sure Al Qaeda, Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Jihadists all over the world paid attention to all this. And what did they see? Weakness, ineptness, incompetence. Basically Obama showed the world he, and by extension, America, is a joke.

    • Not even just them…I mean, EVERYONE who hates us has to be thinking about how stupid we look.

      It’s not just external, though – the consequences are going to be felt by everyone. Gas prices are going up again, airport security is going to get worse, though I’m not sure how (actually, I have an idea, but I don’t even want to think about it), and because of our history with radical Islam groups (as you pointed out), cultural and racial tensions (and terrible laws/treatment) are going to increase…just like they did after 9/11. This wasn’t even close to a terrorist attack, but it’s going to have a similar effect, because instead of hitting us where it hurts and then having our leadership rise up and say, “You’re going to pay for that, you incompetent assholes,” our leadership is going, “But…but…I wanna BOMB someone!” because of his stance on chemical weapons. Not because of the death and destruction beforehand…because of THIS death and destruction, in particular.

  • It’s been my opinion that the Nobel Prize Committee gave Obama the NPP not for being black, but for being Not George Bush.

    Not that it’s any better, mind you.

    • My reasoning gives some historical significance to the event – it’s not a racist remark, it’s an observation of a historic event (seriously, a black President is pretty cool, too bad he’s an ass, just like the white ones – color of skin makes no difference, yay for diversity!) that was marked in a stupid, stupid way.

      Yours is likely just as valid, though. And you’re right, it’s not any better.