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…LOLWUT? (surgery update – LIGHTSPEED AHEAD)

I was told nearly a week ago (September 6) that Santa Claus’s office was going to call me back either that same day, or this past Monday, and have me scheduled to meet with Da Vinci for a surgery consult.

I called Santa Claus’s office this morning and left a message, and Da Vinci’s office just called me back.

Apparently they’re like, “You’ve been waiting HOW long?  Yeah, that’s some BS…here, let’s fix ALL THE THINGS.”


Tomorrow, I’m having a CT scan with contrast of my lower abdomen and pelvic area, so that the Wasband Nodule can be more clearly identified without having to have an on-table biopsy (except maybe if it looks like a tumor, to find out if it’s malignant or whatever?), and also so that Da Vinci can, I assume, figure out whether he’s going to be able to do the surgery laparoscopically, as he said, or I will have to be cut open as Ironically-Sick Surgeon said ever-so-vaguely over a month ago.

The CT results will be sent to Da Vinci’s office, where they then hope to have me in for an appointment on Monday for the surgery consult.  It’s after that point when I will be scheduled for surgery.

Oncology surgeons don’t mess around, especially when there’s something unknown in the mix, apparently.  HOORAY FOR PARANOIA!



-CT tomorrow (never had one, nervous as all hell, trying to stay calm, because YAY FORWARD MOVEMENT)

-Surgeon appointment Monday to finally get this surgery scheduled, hopefully.


I also have an appointment on Monday with my regular doc to finally talk about my stress and what it’s doing, so the scheduling is going to be very interesting.  I’m hoping to get an early appointment with the surgeon so that I don’t miss my afternoon appointment with my doctor, because they’re equally important, at this point…and luckily their offices are located 5 minutes away from each other (when traffic is bad).



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