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Got my surgery date – 3 weeks out.

FINALLY, right?

Okay, so it’s going to happen October 18.  I have to arrive at 8am for prep, and the surgery’s supposed to begin, officially, at noon.

Depending on what kind of surgery is happening (which, again, I won’t know until after they have my uterus out), I could be on the table until 4pm or 8pm.

I could be in the hospital for 2 nights or 8 nights.

My recovery could be finished by Thanksgiving, or last through the New Year.


The unknowns are going to drive me nuts.  All I can do is prepare as best I can for either possibility.

…and the word “prepare” has suddenly brought to mind ALL the things I have to get done, before then.  O.o


Either way, I’m missing Halloween.  I’ll just blame it on my uterus, because it’s going to be gone in 3 weeks, anyway…even though I probably wouldn’t have made it to any parties, anyway.  *shrugs*

4 comments to Got my surgery date – 3 weeks out.

  • Joseph Kephart

    Best of luck, Bonnie…and here is hoping you get significant pain and symptom relief!!

  • I’m hoping this is soon all behind you. You will feel so much better without the endometriosis pain, I was amazed how much it helped and wished I’d had the surgery sooner.

    Good thoughts coming your way.

    • I’m basically at the minimum age where they consider a hysterectomy necessary around here…but they didn’t even try to look for a solution before now, so I don’t know what would have happened had they discovered all this, earlier. Regardless, I’m glad I’m getting it done, now, FINALLY, and am looking forward to being healed and not having to deal with the monthly horror of wondering WTF is going on down there…lol.

      Thanks! *hugs*