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Submit questions for a YouTube video!

This is going to end up being easier than me trying to type everything.

Ask here, on Twitter, on, or on Facebook (wherever you know me, basically, just send a message).¬† You can ask in comments on the following video, as well (that’ll help me keep them together).


6 comments to Submit questions for a YouTube video!

  • Well, on the brighter side of things, I have that same problem with keeping on topic without any good excuse for it, and on top of that, you still look pretty dang good on camera.

    Hope things get better, and if I shed these coils of being a broke whiskey-tango in the near future, I’ll see if I can send a brown box your way…

    • I’ve always been derpy when it comes to talking at length about anything, it’s just more pronounced, lately…heh.

      What does “whiskey-tango” refer to, in this case? I can’t for the life of me think of anything beginning with “w-t” that fits.


  • Really, I just want to see the Halloween costume ;)
    I am so glad the surgery part is done and recovery is starting. What is the prognosis there? Time frame(s) for various milestones. Yeah, I know I could call and ask, but I imagine I’m not the only one that would like to know.

    • I’m going to use makeup to intensify every bad thing about my appearance, right now (circles under eyes, hollow out cheeks, more intense lines on forehead and around mouth), wear my “O GOD MY LYME” shirt, and just basically confuse the hell out of everyone, because I can.

      I’ll answer your other question in a video. Thanks! <3