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So that heat rash or whatever?  From my hot flashes?  Is getting worse.

I called and left a message with my surgeon’s office, and my mom has gone to get me…wait for it…diaper rash cream.  Because my life’s not ridiculous enough, already.

If it was an infection, I would have, uh, more signs of actual INFECTION, but I’ve never had a rash like this, before, so I’m being cautious.

My trunk (i.e. torso) is just covered with red spots.  They’re slightly raised, but soft.  They don’t really itch.  They don’t hurt.

They’re just…there.

WTF, skin.  Stop being so damned sensitive.  No one cares.


Other than that, things are okay.  Yeah, I’m still having pain, but I had surgery.  Yeah, I’m tired…but again…surgery.

Things are pretty much normal for what’s been done, considering my baseline.


BTW, I’d seriously love if folks would ask questions for my YouTube update.  I’m resorting to writing my own, but they’re based on what I already know, so it could get confusing.  It’s easier to answer other folks’ questions.  Just leave a comment!  :-)

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