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Fun with the pathology report!

I’m not going to try to cover all of it through typing, because that’s a lot of information and a lot of terminology that people either don’t care about, or just plain don’t know what it means.  Hell – the only reason I could parse some of it was context clues (from it being, you know, my body).

One thing that explains SO MUCH, however, was directly related to, of all things, one of my ureters (that’s the tube that carries urine from your kidneys to your bladder for storage before you pee).  So I’m going to tell you about it, because it made me laugh in kind of a horrified way.

I had had trouble peeing, before, in the sense that I felt like I had to pee much more often than I actually HAD to pee, and my bladder would hurt.  I thought I had interstitial cystitis or something until April, in fact (basically, that’s just a generic term for “painful bladder,” even though there is a cause for it that’s related to nerves and whatnot), but my bladder looked juuuuuuuuust fine during my first laparoscopy, so…that wasn’t it.

Whenever I would have menstrual cramps, my bladder would act up, more, and peeing would burn.  I thought I had a UTI more times than I can remember because of that burning, but nothing was ever wrong that anyone could tell, so I started ignoring it as best I could.

Of course, post-surgery, I’m still having a few issues with that, but hopefully it won’t be an issue for much longer, once things heal (including, it turns out, the ureter in question).


It was on both sides of my abdomen.

Like silly string.  Except…no, I’m still imagining silly string.

From the pathology report: “On the left, the ureter was carefully observed, as it also had been on the right. … With the distortion of the ovary and uterosacral [ligament], the ureter was remarkably in a normal position.”  (lol at “remarkably”)

So the “have to pee” feeling was apparently “o god will this pee ever drain,” and the worse feeling during my period was because the muscles were squeezing that ureter into being even MORE inefficient and derpy than it had been, previously, and the scar tissue was just pulling it all over the place.

You see?  You saved more than my ovary with those donations and that raffle!  You saved my poor little ureter, too!  Bless its heart…

6 comments to Fun with the pathology report!

  • Joseph

    “Fun with Pathology”….I see a lecture series or even a blog title…

  • davidwhitewolf

    Ya know, I am starting to think you should see if a teaching hospital would be interested in paying you to open you up and just do exploratory surgery everywhere, just to be amazed by (and write papers on) all the marvels and portents you’re evidently housing.

    I am halfway serious; my doc was kind of giddy when he determined I have something like eight or nine spleens scattered throughout my torso.

    • Right? I am seriously considering just getting a tattoo of a zebra and getting it over with…lol. If my lower abdomen is that interesting, I can’t imagine what the rest of me is housing…

      Also, holy crap, your spleen was split? O.o I think I remember you talking about that, but I just see that and my mind goes strange places, because it’s just so weird!

  • I’m still smiling at “silly string”.