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I am really sorry I haven’t been updating.

My left hand KILLS when I try to type for too long.  I’m still not sure why…it’s mainly the pinky, and the position of my hands/arms doesn’t much matter.

Also, I seriously just keep forgetting to, because I’m stressed out and tired.

I dyed my hair (it’s purple with blue ends, because yep, I felt like it), Thanksgiving happened, my nephew turned 8…these are all “happenings” that I technically could have written about, I suppose.

I haven’t creatively killed any new roaches.  My rash is gone (but my skin’s still peeling a bit from it, and my eczema is back).  I’m going to the doctor tomorrow for random leg and abdomen pain (neither of which has to do with my surgery – they’ve been around for months).


My incisions have healed very nicely.  I’m having pains in the surgery areas, but they’re not terrible as long as I don’t overdo it.


I’ve been hanging around on Twitch a lot.  I’ve been painting (sold a commissioned painting).  I’m trying to get used to singing, again, because I potentially have gigs in January, February, AND March (…I can’t even tell you how nervous I am about those, honestly).


So, uh, what’s been going on with you all?

Here, have a photo of my hair being all matchy-matchy with my favorite cardigan:

purple cardigan

And here are some photos of my awesome nephew’s awesome birthday party:


Oh, I’m going to try to get that YouTube video up, soon.  I have some updates on it, from the whole Lyme side of things, and that’s easier than trying to type all that out, here, but I will link it to my blog.



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