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I keep trying to write a post about things happening this year, but since all of them are depending on other things going right, I honestly have no idea how this year is going to go.

I sincerely hope that all of you have more certainty, and that your collective year is full of good things, no matter what “good” means to you.


4 comments to Welp.

  • Tass

    Bonnie…perusing the WebMD site regarding Alpha Lipoic Acid – going to try for my neuropathy. There was a blurb that it has also been used in the treatment for Lyme. Just in case you needing something else to look up online.

    Hope you are feeling better.

    • I’ve read up on it – make sure you talk to your doctor about it, because it affects blood sugar. You may have to change your diet and how often you eat. Good luck!

      I’m okay…just waiting to start my new meds tomorrow, and keeping my fingers crossed that they don’t make me crazy…heh.

  • I hope 2014 brings you many more smiles.