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I wonder how many posts I’ve titled, “WHARRGARRBL”?

I’ve become part of a streaming community through Indie Game Mag, which is pretty neat. My profile page is here (and the blog is linked there, because a lot of the questions people ask me can be answered here, and this is a public site, so I honestly don’t care):

I’ve been slowly developing a sinus…thing…over the past several days.  Today it culminated in a nosebleed and some serious dizziness.  So that’s been fun.  If it turns into an infection, I will be both surprised and bemused (yes, bemused).  Then I will likely call my doctor to do research, because whatever bug can infect me right now will have to be a super-bug, and I will obviously be Patient Zero at that point.

So I could be harboring the Zombie Apocalypse in my nose.  That’d be fun.

Frankly, gaming has been keeping me kind of sane, even though it’s not productive in the sense that it doesn’t make me any money or whatever.  It helps me relax (despite the epic cussing match I had at a game, today), and having the folks in my chat kind of counts as the human interaction I get during the day.

There’s a hitch it in, lately, though, which is making me a little twitchy…it’s not that I’m desperate for the internet, it’s that I can’t keep up with people, and I do have obligations to folks that I can’t meet right now.  Why?  My laptop got some sort of demon rootkit on it the other night.  I was watching a stream, my computer restarted itself, and suddenly I was hearing radio commercials.  I honestly thought I was losing my mind.  I checked to see if there was something open that I’d forgotten about (like Spotify), but nothing was running.  There’s also a rogue sound-bar to be adjusted in my mixer, and it doesn’t have a label.

I would be able to fix it, except my computer restarts itself after 40 minutes, which means whatever scan is running at the time is canceled before it can eliminate whatever it finds.  The only reason I know it’s a rootkit is because of Google.

Add in the stress of trying to pay for treatment and other bills when I can’t work, and you’ve got a perfect WHARRGARRBL moment for me.

I do have a possible thing lined up in May (with CREP, again), but it’s short-term at best.  I’m exploring other options, but not being able to predict how I feel is a problem.  I woke up feeling great yesterday, then ended up having serious migraine issues with nausea and weakness.  It sucked.

Also, not being able to drive is a bitch and a half.


I’m not here to complain, though – just to write about what’s going on.

I’m going to try to get some sleep.  Nite, Intarwebz.



2 comments to I wonder how many posts I’ve titled, “WHARRGARRBL”?

  • I’m enough of a friend to go ahead and head shot you if you zombify. I’ll write something epic to tell your story.
    I’ve got some sinus madness right now that I’d like to stab with all the knives. I feel your pain.
    Hope you are feeling better soon.