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I have to have surgery, again! *jazz hands*

It turns out that while I may be experiencing symptoms of PMS and an actual period, the bleeding was not, in fact, from endometrium or anything like that.

The short story is that I may have a suture granuloma (rare-ish for the location, because of COURSE it is). The doctor called it a granuloma, then he called it a polyp. Either one can be cancerous, but is more likely due to irritation. Hell, it could STILL be from endometrium (if it’s a polyp), so WELP.


If it’s a suture granuloma, it’s BASICALLY an immune reaction to sutures. I had sutures from surgery, my body wasn’t happy about them, and treated them like a foreign body to be eliminated. Keloids from piercings are very similar, except the granuloma doesn’t really form scar tissue, it just keeps building on itself to keep throwing immune system bombs at the offending material.

It’s like a vascular tumor, basically. My surgeon has only seen this three times in his career, and the first time, he tried to just pull it out in the office (because having a bit of dead tissue at the suture site from the flesh healing awkwardly is normal), and the woman started bleeding profusely and had to get into emergency surgery to fix it.

Which, you know, is a story you want told while you’re laying on a table with your lady bits being scrutinized by a surgeon, a med student (it was his first day, by the way), and a nurse.

I did have a bit of dead tissue at the site of the suture at my 6-month checkup, but the surgeon just pulled it off and we moved on – he asked me if it hurt when he grabbed it with a surgical tool, it didn’t hurt enough for me to care, that was the end. That would have been the beginning of a granuloma, but it didn’t get that far. In the two months since that event, my body has managed to make a pretty sizable growth.

If that last thing that the surgeon removed in March was a growth of this type, then there’s a pattern, and so a biopsy will be done, of course, to make sure there’s not something more sinister happening, like a malignancy.


The surgeon thinks that this growth is also responsible, somehow, for my hormones going wonky. I guess if my immune system is reacting strongly in my lower abdomen, they could be irritating my ovary or something, but I’m honestly too damned tired to even think about how that process would work.


Anyway, I have to have another surgery (outpatient, but still has to take place at a hospital due to blood loss risk), and I just don’t know how to handle 90% of my life, right now, because the pile’s getting too big.


(surgery is going to be scheduled on Monday – I’ll know more details, then, I guess.)

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