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Out of surgery!

They removed the polyp/granuloma/whatever, and apparently there WAS endometrium (or something that looked like it, anyway) right next to it, and both growths were removed and sent to the lab. I’ll have results next week (they should be entered into my chart, which I can now access online – technology is ridiculous, y’all).


My surgery took something like 15 minutes, from the time I was wheeled into the OR to the time I was wheeled into recovery. I was making jokes and was totally cheerful, and I distinctly remember, right before I was put under, that when they gave me the shot of the muscle relaxer, I was like “I seriously love you guys. You’re going to do GREAT.” My surgeon was holding my hand (for some reason? and I wasn’t hallucinating), and he started cackling.

I woke up very thirsty, and my first question was, “How long was I out?”

I’m not sure what it is about how they wake me up from outpatient surgeries vs. inpatient, but I prefer the outpatient method. I’m awake, aware, able to hold a conversation, and I feel so much more comfortable. Lucid wake-ups are so much better than either painful waking or curse-riddled grogginess.

I had the same check-in nurse as my surgery in April, AND the same recovery nurse. That was kind of awesome.

I’m sincerely hoping that this is the last surgery I have to have for a good, long while.

The cats were very happy to have me home. They descended upon me while Forrest and I were watching Iron Man 3.

House is messy? Zero fucks given.

House is messy? Zero fucks given.

Thank you to everyone for your responses, emails, and even some donations! Things are rough, but I’m seriously hoping they turn around, soon. I’m behind on so many bills that it’s almost a joke.

My current gig, writing for the video game magazine, is okay, and hopefully it’ll start yielding a profit, soon, because with as crappy as I feel most of the time, writing is one of the only things I can do, and writing about video games is ridiculously easy to me, as most of it is subjective. I can judge a game, boy-howdy!

My sleep schedule is all messed up from the painkillers, but I suppose I should try to get some rest, now.


I hope y’all are well.

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