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New sidebar link – Indie Game Magazine Subscription

I write for Indie Game Magazine. In addition to the website, we have a print mag that can be ordered either as an e-zine or in physical format.

I wrote 4 articles for the July issue – 2 game previews, one game review, and a hardware review (gaming keyboard).

This is my job right now. I am writing articles about video games – indie games – and I’m good at it. I enjoy it. I’m kind of working my ass off right now. I want to get paid for it. Right now I’m getting stipends for mag articles, but I’d like to make money for the articles I write for the website.

The fastest way that’s going to happen is if people subscribe.

So. If you have an interest in video games, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy this magazine.

A year’s subscription is $30, via either Magster or Joomag. You can get single issues via Joomag for $2.99. Other subscription options are available.

Links are in the sidebar.



2 comments to New sidebar link – Indie Game Magazine Subscription

  • I love the website. I’ll subscribe soon. It’s a steal honestly at the price of a game.

    • Awesome!

      There’s going to be a trivia contest tonight (Saturday, 5th) for people who’ve gotten the magazine – questions specifically about things in the mag, prize is game codes. :-)