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Vertigo, migraine, CT, all that fun stuff.

Last month, before my surgery (and part of the reason I was so concerned with possible hormonal involvement, anyway), I got a bad migraine that manifested first with vertigo. The headache persisted for over a week. I was put on fioricet, which is apparently very good for some folks, but didn’t help me much. It eventually dissipated, though I’m not sure why.

This month, over a week ago (last Friday), the exact same thing happened – I was doing the same stuff as before, lounging while browsing the web on my laptop in bed, got the vertigo, then ended up with an awful headache. I’m still having that headache despite Norco (used to be lortab) and continued use of fioricet.

I had a CT scan today, because my doctor wanted to see if there was anything structurally wrong with the bones in my head, or the spaces in those bones. I got a copy on CD, because it’s what I do. (I got vertigo and blacked out during the scan, but more on that, later.)

Nothing looks remarkable to me in the front or side views, but the bottom-up is…awkward. I know my skull is pretty asymmetrical, but the disparity between that cavity on the right side (lower quadrant, outer edge, really hard to miss) and the one on the left is really weird:

As usual, click to embiggenate. Personal details removed.

As usual, click to embiggenate. Personal details removed.

The one where they move down the skull a bit and show more tissue/fluid is even weirder looking:

You can see my earlobes. That makes me giggle.

You can see my earlobes. That makes me giggle.

Also, because it’s HILARIOUS seeing my fillings, here’s a full frontal of my skull. Sexy:



Oh, I might as well show you the side view, too:

It looks like I have no bones in the front of my face, and my jaw is extra-dense.

It looks like I have no bones in the front of my face, and like my jaw is extra-dense (which it actually is from grinding my teeth).

Fun fact: the vertigo always feels like it hits me from the left side, and cleaning my left ear with Q-tips is always a gamble – sometimes the ear canal is nearly swollen shut, sometimes it’s really tender and feels like I stabbed it when I know I didn’t, and other times it’s completely “normal.”

Regarding me blacking out during the CT – I was on my back. The other two times I got vertigo? I was mostly on my back (with my head propped up by pillows). I don’t sleep on my back normally because my boobs are too heavy, so I haven’t experienced this regularly, but I think it’s very significant that I not only got vertigo, but also blacked out, when I was fully on my back and unable to right myself when the dizziness began.

So while this might be BPPV (which is REALLY common, and basically amounts to calcium deposits in your vestibular ear parts), I think it’s still worth exploring with a neurologist (because I need to see one, anyway, because my face and hands go numb and tingly with the vertigo, as well) and an ENT (because, well, ear).

I also have that pulsatile tinnitus on the left side, so again, worth exploring.


Anyway, there are some pictures of my skull and an explanation of what I’ve been up to, lately.

9 comments to Vertigo, migraine, CT, all that fun stuff.

  • At least you now have scientific proof that there is a brain in your head. Might come in handy in future arguments.

  • GEEZ!
    It never ends, does it?

    Hang in there.


  • LCB

    I have scans that show a brain, but I have it on good authority that it’s all fat. Just ask me wife!!! :-)

    Something else that can cause vertigo: my turbonettes in my sinuses were causeing a blockage of my estacheon tubes (and no, I don’t think I’m spelling any of this correctly)! Earlier this year I got a great deal of releif from my ear feeling stopped up and always needing sinus spray. (Although my ears never got tender inside like yours do.) Anyway…something to keep in the back of your mind. The first ENT I went through said “There’s nothing wrong wiht you.” The second said, “I know exactly what’s causing that.” He was right…

    Hasn’t given me any relief from headaches, but I’ll take 2 out of 3…

    Prayers, SW…

  • LCB

    Somehow I forgot to include that I got the relief from surgery to reduce the size of the turbonettes.

    Guess that just proves my wife is right…

    • I figured it was surgery, it’s all good!

      They called me back, finally, and it’s mastoid sinusitis. They’re giving me antibiotics for it. The irony of this is not lost on me.

      Thanks for the prayers! <3

  • Ed Stafford

    I think your head was cock-eyed in there which may explain the asymmetry. Look at your eyeball on the left and the lack of one on the right :)

    If you need recommendations for a Neurologist, lemme know.

    • It’s a bit cock-eyed, but not enough to explain that big of a difference in size – if you look up the slices, you can see the difference. Also, my face is pretty asymmetrical, anyway. Anyway, they called back, and it’s sinusitis of the jaw. Whee.

      Yeah, I’ll probably want to get that name from you, anyway. My nerves are getting worse.