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…why is it doing that?

The ring in my right ear will NOT lay down. It did for a very short period last night, but I think it was cemented in place (if you’ll pardon the visual) by blood. Now that the piercing has been cleaned and is, um, mobile, it’s choosing to stick straight out again.

An extension of my personality? Just a result of swelling? Was it pierced too “deeply”?

The left piercing is, of course, a paragon of virtue, as far as piercings go. It’s laying down, it hasn’t bled, the piercing itself is clean and looks like it was done quite a while ago. Minimal swelling.

Which, of course, makes the fact that the right one won’t lay down all the more glaringly obvious to me.

Oh, well. It’s kind of fun to push it down and watch it rise back up again.

I’ll probably end up having the piercer put an eyebrow bar in it when I go in next week for my tattoo.

6 comments to …why is it doing that?

  • Breda

    my navel ring always falls to the right – who knows why?

  • I’d say probably swelling. Some of mine have done some funny things when just recently pierced, then “calmed down” after healing moved on from the “immediate trauma” stage.

    On the eyebrow- I got mine six months ago and the little bastard STILL hasn’t completely healed. They’re a bitch, especially if you’re female and have less tissue to anchor it. Be sure to get a curved barbell- they minimize motion… and be prepared to soak, soak, soak, and soak again.

  • Squeaky Wheel

    Breda – “Falls” to the right? Is it pierced straight? (also – i could never get a navel ring…heh…don’t have the belly for it)

    Labrat – I’m not getting my eyebrow pierced – I just want to get an eyebrow bar to put in my tragus, so that if the ear insists on making it stick out, at least it won’t be a ring. And I think that the weird position is a factor of both swelling and placement – I’m not sure the weirdness is going to stop once it heals. Oh, well. I don’t want rings in my ears forever, anyway. :-)

  • Ahhh, I see what you mean, I think.

    Cartilage piercings are always funny that way.

  • Breda

    Pierced straight as can be, since 1994. I think it’s due to years of waistbands, pre-low rise. Maybe you could tape your earring down, so that as it heals, it heals in the position you want?

  • Squeaky Wheel

    Breda – I’m considering it, but from what I can see, there’s a chunk of cartilage that’s actually in the way of the ring laying flat, which suggests to me that it was just pierced too deeply. Tape won’t fix that. :-P